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Interested? Here’s the info:

Time: January 22, 2012 from 8pm to 9pm
Location: Your telephone
Organized By: Florida Legislature tea party caucus

Event Description:
The Florida Legislature Tea Party caucus has set up a conference call to inform us about the bills and activity in Tallahassee.  These calls are scheduled for every Sunday evening while the legislature is in session.
Here is the number for the Sunday night Tea Party Caucus calls starting @ 8 PM eastern.

940-287-4000  access code  3894757

Welcome all interested grassroots members & leaders on the calls.  Let’s get ready for Tallahassee Feb 15 & 16!

Comments about bills can be posted on facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Florida-Legislature-Tea-Party-Caucus/182933985083846

Caucus Members: 1. Janet Adkins 2. Ben Albritton 3. Michael Bileca 4. Doug Broxson 5. Matt Caldwell 6. Fred Costello 7. Clay Ford 8. Matt Gaetz 9. Rich Glorioso 10. Gayle Harrell 11. Paige Kreegel 12. Larry Metz 13. Marlene O’Toole 14. Jimmy Patronis 15. Keith Perry 16. Ray Pilon 17. Scott Plakon 18. Lake Ray 19. Doc Renuart 20. Ken Roberson 21. Ron Saunders (D) 22. Jimmie Smith 23. John Tobia 24. Charles Van Zant 25. Mike Weinstein 26. Trudi Williams 27. John Wood

If you representative is not listed, ask him/her to join and connect with us.  The tea party caucus was formed to connect with Florida voters.

See more details and RSVP on FLORIDA 9/12 PROJECT:


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