Happy Birthday Gary!
My son Gary and his family: wife Tami, daughter Madison, and sons Tyler and Cole. (That's me in the gold sweater.)


On this day 46 years ago, my son Gary was born.  My sweet baby boy came into the world on the afternoon of April 3rd, in a hospital just outside of Boston.  I had spent the final months of my pregnancy in a home for unwed mothers, awaiting the day I would be delivered of this life growing inside me, bursting forward like a tiny little bud about to flower.

My little blessing was adopted by a couple who gave him the kind of life I would have hoped for him. I’m so proud of Gary, who has grown into an admirable father and husband, and affectionate son.

So, Happy Birthday Gary!  We share something very special on this day, and always will.


It’s been busy over the past several weeks for the The Radio Patriot.  As many of you know, I received my commission — as have many — to provide full-time care for two of my dearest elderly family members, my in-laws Bess and Paul.  He’s approaching his 76th birthday, and she’s 92 but still spry and healthy. The situation is temporary until more permanent arrangements are made.  He’s had an emergency below-the-knee amputation and she has Alzheimer’s disease. I’m not minding doing this a bit.  In fact, it’s just another blessing in my life to be able to spend quality time and be there for them the way they’ve always been for me.

So it is somewhat crowding my personal time, and if blogging is sporadic, you now know why.  My radio show program schedule hasn’t been affected, and we’re still on each weeknight at 9p ET.

Last night Bettina Viviano joined us. A successful Hollywood producer, Viviano had an insider’s view of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign and says she heard Bill Clinton say that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president.

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