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While I was engaged in hosting a five-hour LIVE telethon yesterday to raise $$$ for the Campaign to Defeat Obama PAC (more on that in a later post), Jason Ivey, a patriot cohort of mine, pondered where we are vis-a-vis Independence Day.  With his permission, I repost it here.  Do you agree or disagree with him?  Why?

I decided to forgo any July 4th celebrations last night, and opted for drinks close to home with a friend, who expressed surprise that not once over the last several days had I brought up the subject of the Supreme Court ruling. Too depressing, I suppose. I don’t even want to talk about it. I didn’t feel like there was much to celebrate yesterday either; it felt more like a funeral march. Independence? From WHAT?? I read a Conrad Black article yesterday that got me thinking. His point was that we may have been better off had we stuck with the British. This is secular heresy, of course, a point Black acknowledges. However, his argument that slavery would have been abolished more easily and a civil war averted has merit; that the world wars of the 20th Century wouldn’t have happened would require a more detailed argument to sway me. But still, something worth considering . . . And no, I’m not going soft. Quite the opposite. In the end, I would have taken the side of Washington, although my deliberations probably would have been more in line with Franklin and Adams.

But those taxes the original tea partiers were revolting against were nothing — NOTHING!— compared to what we face today. You could even make the argument, as Black did, that they overreacted when they dumped all that tea into Boston Harbor. Who would do that today? Wouldn’t happen.

I don’t want to be a downer. I’ve read the arguments of the conservative intelligentsia, those seeking a silver lining in the Court ruling. Sorry, no one is giving me hope with these arguments. The fact that Roberts may have saved the Commerce Clause is meaningless as long as we have people willing to subvert it and call coercion a tax. That’s why those arguments are meaningless to me. So what? Great, the government will just come at you through another door, and there’s nothing you or the Court can do about it.

So now we’re faced with the political equivalent of a hail mary. Elect only hard-core conservatives, strengthen the House, take the Senate, elect Romney. All this I think is doable. But then comes the hard part: politicians actually repealing Obamacare. This, I think, is the real long shot.

I read William Tucker just now and tried very hard to find disagreement. He’s pessimistic, sees no silver lining, and makes the comparison to Europe. Once you grant people new entitlements and benefits, you can never take them away. And the people who decide elections, he argues, are not those (like us) who care passionately about the issues, but by those who don’t pay attention and only ask “What’s in it for me?”. The only thing I can argue with is that he never acknowledged all of the elections since 2008 — Scott Brown, 2010, and all the others. That all indicates to me that the people who actually turn out and vote don’t want this, and are scared of it, as a majority. But while I think our side will have great success electorally in the short term, it’s the long term that scares me, and it’s there that I can’t refute Tucker’s position.

We haven’t really discussed it here yet, and I was hoping to make my first words on the subject at least somewhat optimistic, but those silver lining arguments just don’t make sense to me. Maybe if the tide was not composed of a combination of lawlessness and disregard for the Constitution at the governmental levels, and ignorance the prevailing trait of the populace. What strikes me constantly is how deep the cliches of the Left run, even among smart people who would agree with us on a majority of topics. I find myself arguing gay marriage with people instead of this, and that alone makes me think all is lost.

Trying to remain upbeat about something, anything! Here’s the Tucker piece, which of all the pieces I’ve read, I regretfully have to say makes the most sense (although I disagree that it’s an electoral loser, and Romney HAS to run on this, and so does everyone else, hail mary or not):