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Excerpted from The Steady Drip:

Why the Obama ineligibility movement is winning

Here is some of the evidence that the ineligibility movement has been victorious in spite of all the obstacles erected by officialdom and Obama supporters:

The issue is still here! That is a victory of persistence over corruption!

Before the 2008 election the pioneers of the Ineligibility Movement began writing articles and filing legal papers.  Attorney Phillip Berg filed a complaint in federal district court on August 21, 2008, against Democratic Party presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee and the Federal Election Commission, alleging that Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya and that the “Certification of Live Birth” on Obama’s website is a forgery.

The main value of what is being done is to expose the corruption of “Obama” and his enablers, and publicize it as widely as possible.  Your help is needed for the latter, since the media and officials want this news buried deeply.  Keep up the good work with emails, forums and web sites. In spite of all of the efforts to crush the ineligibility issue, it is very much alive and thriving, and there are still several legal cases that are active.  A clear victory!

Many national opinion polls show that a large segment of the citizens still have questions about Obama’s history, and they still want answers!  That is a victory of “think for themselves” citizens over the politically “correct” thinking of the ruling elite!  Another clear victory!

Because of the unresponsiveness of the ruling elite to the ineligibility issue the national consciousness has become aware that the media, the courts, and the politicians are corrupt beyond redemption.  A paradigm shift is happening.  The national political perception is no longer one political party against the other but the ruling elite vs. the citizens.

Have you read the Declaration of Independence recently?  Many of the complaints our founding fathers voiced against the tyranny of King George are now being seen as present in the tyranny of the ruling elite against today’s citizens.  That is a victory of awareness.  A clear Victory!

Millions of dollars have been spent by Obama and the Democratic Party to keep secrets from the citizens, stamp out the Ineligibility Movement, and defend against lawsuits.  If it were not for the Ineligibility Movement, all that money would be available to help reelect Obama.

The courageous patriots of the first American Revolution were mostly volunteers, and were a small force compared to the British Empire.  They knew that attacking the enemy’s resources was often a more effective tactic than attacking their army.  Likewise the ineligibility movement has been very effective in depleting Obama’s resources.  In the Korean War, the F-86 Sabre Jet had a ten-to-one kill ratio over the MIGs.  Dollar for dollar, the Ineligibility Movement has a higher kill ratio than the F-86.  For every dollar we spend, they must spend thousands.  This is an economic victory.  Keep that in mind when making contributions to Florida Ballot Challenge.  Every dollar you send us takes thousands of dollars out of Obama’s corrupt treasure chest.  This is again a clear Victory!

Many voters have been influenced away from voting for Obama because of the obvious cover ups of Obama’s past.  The Ineligibility Movement has educated the voters beyond the circumstances of Obama’s birth and the foreign citizenship of his father.  Now people are more aware that Obama’s schooling history, medical history, travel and passport history, the history of his parent’s marriage and divorce, adoption records, the records of the Illinois bar, Illinois State Senate records,  his beliefs, past associates, personal behavior, spending habits, and many other mysteries are unresolved.  That uncertainty will significantly affect voting outcome.

Most presidential elections are decided by a very narrow margin.  The ineligibility movement is responsible for influencing the outcome well beyond a few percentage points.  That is a political victory.  Yet another clear victory!

I have a question for my readers.  If the Ineligibility Movement was not scoring significant victories, why would the Democratic Party and Obama’s supporters be trying so hard to silence the issue?

Why not encourage the legal establishment to rule on the evidence and the law, rather than avoiding the facts?

Why not encourage the Supreme Court to rule, rather than evade?

Why not encourage an open, public discussion of the ineligibility issue?  Why not have a public debate in the national media?

Why not release the many documents and reveal Obama’s history?  Why not give millions of citizens the information they want?  Why indeed?  We know why!  The “birthers” are winning, and they can’t afford to give us any more ammunition!