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UPDATE: The Campaign to Defeat Obama Independence Day telethon has raised over $176,000 so far. Our goal is $250,000 — a quarter million to target four key swing states — WI, NV, OH, and MI — states Obama won in 2008 and which he is at risk of losing this election. We are beginning large scale efforts in those states, which account for 50 electoral votes. If Obama loses them in 2012, it will represent a 100 electoral vote swing for our side.

A NOTE From the folks at BLOG TALK RADIO:

“Hi Andrea Shea King,
Congratulations! Your show has been selected to appear in the Today’s Picks section of Blog Talk Radio’s homepage starting on Thursday, July 5 at 12AM EST for the next 24 hours. Look out for it then and don’t forget to let your audience know that your show was featured on BlogTalkRadio.”

Cool! Thanks Alan Levy and BTR staff!

If you missed our Independence Day telethon yesterday, you can listen today or at a time of your convenience. Here’s the link.

Click on either of the red highlighted links above to hear the first two hours of our CAMPAIGN TO DEFEAT OBAMA 4th of July telethon, with guests


Who needs network TV and other traditional media?

Joe Wierzbicki, political strategist for the Campaign to Defeat Obama pulled the numbers and reported:

We have seen that social media is the new way to get results.  BIG time.  Here are some GEE WHIZ figures to hang your hat on:

  • Over 23,000 views on the UStream alone so far.
  • The (2,700) 4271 5250 7491  11,053  11,225 (constantly updated) listeners on Andrea’s BTR Show simulcast and archive downloads.
  • More than 1,000+ Tweets to the link for the U-Stream.tv feed… amazing!
  • Viewers on KPVM-TV 46.3 yesterday in Pahrump (who went wall-to-wall with no commercial breaks so they were with the UStream audience the whole time).
  • KDWN 720 AM listeners in southern Nevada.
  • www.KDWN.com listeners all across America (and remember this was the first link we promoted for two weeks before this became a TV affair), and perhaps most importantly…
  • the viewers on VegasTV 25/Cable 14 which was simulcast on MyCool TV, and also broadcast to most TVs on in-house networks in hotel rooms throughout Las Vegas.

Not bad gang!  We’ve taken our little Radio/WebAThon model and improved on it, and the proof was in the results.

We’re going to push the rebroadcasts on TV and on UStream through Sunday – to see if we can’t still catch our goal of $250,000.

Below — the Campaign to Defeat Obama team at work behind the scenes and behind the mics: Joe, Sal, Selena, Lloyd, Bobby, Frances, Donald, Chris, Ryan, Brian, and the folks from KDWN and TV 25 Vegas and 46.4 in Pahrump.

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Click here to hear/watch the entire five hours (whew!) which featured guest call-ins from:

    • Pamela Geller of AtlasShrugs.com
    • William Gheen of ALIPAC.us
    • Martha Zoller, radio host & candidate for Congress, MarthaZoller.com
    • Melissa Clouthier, Social Networking Expert; LibertyPundits.com
    • Victoria Jackson, Saturday Night Live cast alum; host VictoriaJacksonShow.com
    • Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch
    • Wayne Allyn Root, 2008 Libertarian Party VP candidate
    • Melanie Morgan, radio host, cofounder Move America Forward
    • Judson Phillips, founder Tea Party Nation
    • Pat Dollard, Conservative Hollywood agent/filmmaker
    • Jason Mattera, author/radio host/Human Events editor
    • Joe Miller, JoeMiller.us
    • Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press
    • Ryan Mauro, National Security analyst, Radical Islam.org
    • Dr. Alveda King
    • David Limbaugh
    • Debbie Lee, Gold Star Mom
    • Elizabeth Letchworth, US Senate Secretary Retired, founder GradeGov.com
    • Teressa Monroe Hamilton, Noisy Room.net; Key Wiki
    • Jim Labriola, comedian (HaHaJim.com)
    • Tabitha Hale, New Media coordinator, Franklin Center
    • David Codrea, broke Fast & Furious ATF Gunwalker scandal with blogger Mike Vanderbeogh
    • Jackie Mason, conservative and comedian