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Because I believe in fiscal responsibility, limited government and strict adherence to the US Constitution, I’m happily endorsing Space Coast physician Dr. Dave Weldon for US Senate. I’m supporting him, and to the extent that you can, I hope you will too. Remember, his vote will affect you in your state too.

I’ve known Dave since his days of service in the US House, and can tell you first hand that Dave was Conservative before Conservative was cool. He bucked the trend toward liberalism in the House, and back home in his district fought daily against a constant onslaught from the local liberal Gannett-owned newspaper that never missed an opportunity to bash Weldon for his positions. After three terms served, Dave struggled with the decision to remain in office when he saw that the House was overtaken by the Democrat party. He left public service and returned to practicing medicine.

Weldon left Washington, but not before encouraging Florida state senator Bill Posey to represent us in the Congressional seat he was vacating.  Posey’s done a good job of representing Florida’s 15th District (earning “A’s” at GradeGov.com), and stands a very good chance of being re-elected.  Together with Dave Weldon, the pair will make a formidable team along with Florida’s other US Senator Marco Rubio in fighting to repeal Obamacare and protecting not only Florida’s sovereign statehood, but the country as well from encroaching progressivism that threatens our future.

Below is the official news release from Dave Weldon’s campaign office which is going out to the media today. (Click image below to enlarge release.)