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My Surfin’ Safari column this week at WND features a song and video destined to be a classic. SOME PEACE ON EARTH was created as a holiday greeting to honor veterans and the men and women currently serving in our armed forces.

According to the song’s producer/director and publisher Justin Wilde, “Some Peace On Earth” was inspired by the work done by the Wreaths Across America organization and Jim Varhegyl’s photos of the “Wreaths In the Snow” at Arlington National Cemetery that went viral on the internet in 2007. Wilde was so moved by the photos, he believed there should be an accompanying song, so he asked two of his best writers to come up with one. Nine months later, Phillip Keveren’s lush melody and Steve Hostetler poignant lyric blended perfectly to create this patriotic holiday anthem which pays tribute to the United States military, and especially for those who died serving our country. Marshall Hall was asked to record the vocal. The end result was so moving and inspirational, Justin Wilde subsequently decided to produce and direct this video which chronicles the heroic sacrifices made by the men and woman of our armed forces over the last century.

Wilde wrote to say thanks for including it in my column this week. Here’s the video, followed by his note of thanks, to which I’d just like to say “Thank you Justin, for reminding us what Christmas and peace on earth is really all about.”

Hi Andrea,

Thanks for posting my SOME PEACE ON EARTH video on your World Net Daily site.  I appreciate the exposure.

During the holiday season, most Americans are distracted by Christmas parties and shopping.  They fail to take a few moments to stop (and honor) our military, our vets, and especially those families who lost a loved one in military battle.  My hope is that my video will serve as a yearly reminder to all Americans to show the proper respect in word and deed to those who make it possible for us to live with freedom and liberty.

I hope you got a chance to read the story about how it came to be.  It’s a labor of love project and seems to be catching on nicely.  The Rusty Humphries Show called me to do an interview and broadcast the tune on their 285 stations last Wednesday.  The Pentagon Channel picked it up for airing the next day over all their channels. Hopefully all of our men and women in uniform get to see it.  They certainly deserve far more praise than they get.

Merry Christmas

Justin Wilde

SOME PEACE ON EARTH (Publisher, Producer, Director)
Christmas And Holiday Music
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