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Tonight we’ve got a triple whammy for you on my radio program. First, Anita MonCrief, best known as the woman who blew the whistle on ACORN and voter fraud.


MonCrief said Obama lost states that require photo identification to vote.

From The Marietta Daily Journal – ACORN whistle blower Voter fraud played role in election:

“That’s including Georgia, where they raised the most noise about photo voter ID, only to find out that more blacks are voting in Georgia that have an ID than before,” she said. “So it’s not disenfranchising anyone. It’s getting more people out to the polls.”

But she said Republicans really lost before election day. MonCrief said falling behind in technology for get-out-the-vote efforts was crucial.

“Our blogosphere, our technology side is great,” she said. “We can’t get that side to work with the establishment side.”


Also joining us tonight — Steve Adler, founder of rVotes, LLC.  Adler has worked his entire adult life in bleeding edge, political computer integration, and co founded  Voter Activation Network, Inc (NGP VAN) and is the original architect of the infamous “VoteBuilder” system, the largest and most winningest campaign software in history.


Adler co-founded  Voter Activation Network, Inc., with business partner and talented political  strategist, Mark Sullivan in 2001. Voter Activation Network, Inc., (now NGPVAN) is now the largest political software company in the world. It is the very foundation of all Democrat campaign efforts in most English speaking countries.  Adler sold his half of the company in 2005, and after a 5 year non-compete has rolled out his improved, rVotes, with the hopes to help level the playing field for those being beaten by his former creation.


And, Steve Kuivenhoven of Michigan rVotes and the Michigan’s Voice of Freedom Super PAC.

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