They’re here!!! The Obamabots are busy earning their minimum wage today…

Obama-picking-nose1 copy

They’re sniffing their way over to my blogsite and leaving a few smelly piles. In fact, the photo above of Obama caught picking his nose has been replaced by what you see… definitely NOT the photo I posted.  Hacked?

Meet the people who are being paid minimum wage to sit in their underwear and eat Cheetos while they do Obama/Axelrod/Jarrett’s dirty work. Like the little sheep they are, they left droppings at my recent post: “Why the obsession with straight haired wigs, Michelle?

Benny Dawkins (aka brdawkins@gmail.com and new FB page): “You are a lying rag full of BS. Freaking morons!”
Benny has 595 “Friends” and 9 followers here on FB.

DowneastDiva (aka Jane.Sargent@live.com and fake WordPress blog): “This is so hateful, couldn’t get past the first paragraph. It is sickening and proves that racisim lives. I”m white, wear my hair any way I like. Wigs are convenience and why is it your business anyway? Does anyone ask you why you need Viagra?

Sandy Zimmer (akazimfrio@yahoo.com): “What is your very bigoted point? JEALOUS OR WHAT?????”

Robin Hughes Serra (aka eniarrol1220@hotmail.com and fake Facebook page): “Who ever wrote this pile of vicious bile is a very sad, pathetic and hateful excuse for a human being.One of the most dishonest and disrespectful portrayals of the first lady I have ever read…I want the few minutes of my life back that I wasted reading this drivel…”

Lise Tessier (aka ti_pou1960@yahoo.ca and Fake Facebook page): “andrea shea king was raised with the knowledge that these “black people” – in fact, her parents used another word – should be kept in their place and stay there. anytime she heard or read about these slave-emancipated-by-weak-bleeding-heart-liberals at the helm of a company, having a career, money, or looking even remotely happy, her blood boiled.

so, of course, when she saw a black – she privately used another word – raise to the higher political office of the world, the hate in which she had simmered since her miserable life bagan boiled over. how dare these people andrea considered inferior pose as POTUS and FLOTUS? she tried to contain her hateful speech… but no more. she must describe the heinous depth of her dark soul, and put it out there for everyone to read.”

Karen Lyon Piles (aka klpyle@aol.com and Fake Facebook address): “Why the obsession with straight hair, Michelle?” – why aren’t they asking us white girls why the obsession with curly hair!!!

And the hits keep coming… the latest one…

Steven Burkhardt (aka sjburkhardt@hotmail.com and fake FB page): “That has to rank right up there with Mein Kampf. It is one of the most despicable rants that I have ever read. You are a racist pig!”

Keep ’em coming, nose pickers!