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A listener of my radio show is expressing frustration with the RNC today.  Her letter is posted here because she can’t find an appropriate address for Reince Priebus.  Imagine that?

Sent: 12/11/2015 12:44:07 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: 2016 Attention: REINCE PRIEBUS

Dear Mr. Priebus:

I tried to get a contact phone number to the GOP and the phone numbers listed were all no longer working numbers to my surprise.  I also could not find a direct email for you so, therefore, I am using the only email available and I hope you and/or your staff receive this email communication.  It was very disappointing, to say the least, that you people seem to be UNREACHABLE!

A number of years ago I switched from a registered Democrat to a registered Republican.  After closely following politics on a daily basis, I have to say that my disappointment with the Republican Party would be a GROSS UNDERSTATEMENT!  After having to justify the actions and decisions of the GOP numerous times, not only in my own mind but to others, I have concluded that the GRAND OLD PARTY is not so grand after all!

The 2016 campaign and the Republican candidates have just about now put me over the top.  I have watched from the outset the disgusting treatment that the candidates and the Republican Party have spewed towards Donald Trump.  Instead of taking advantage of Trump’s leading in the polls with the American people, you people have done everything in your power to dismantle him.  You definitely are the Washington Cartel!  You think because of your status and financial backing that you can decide who you want to put in as POTUS and the American people have no say any more.  You are more corrupt than the Democrat party.  At least the Democrats say what they believe and there is no misrepresentation, but the Republican Party is a WOLF in SHEEP’s CLOTHING, always tickling everyone’s ears with what they want to hear and never following through.  You are either a bunch of LIARS or a bunch of EUNICHS!

Donald Trump is representing what WE THE PEOPLE are feeling and saying.  So, people don’t like his “TONE”.  Well, Donald Trump’s TONE is the “TONE OF TRUTH”!  It is time for your Party to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!  And, by the way, your Lindsey Graham saying that Trump should “GO TO HELL”, well anyone with a half a brain can interpret that to mean that “THE AMERICAN PEOPLE CAN GO TO HELL!”

I understand that there is a plan to try to knock Trump out withholding delegates so that he doesn’t get the nomination.  Well, I guess if there is one think your Republican Party is good for it is SHOOTING YOURSELVES IN THE FOOT!  I guess you people think that WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are really stupid and clueless, but anyone would have to be DEAF, DUMB and BLIND not to see what the Republican Party is planning.  You have made yourselves out to look like a MENAGERIE OF MORONS!  You made a HUGE (as Donald Trump would say) DEAL out of Trump signing your pledge that if he didn’t win he would support whomever got the nomination and would not run on an independent ticket, and he did sign it.  Your other candidates also signed the pledge, but never imagined he would take the lead and soar to the top and hold that lead.  Now your other candidates are what — NOT GOING TO ADHERE TO YOUR OWN PLEDGE!!!!!   How pathetic a group are they!

I know you had your little HEARTS SET on your Republican insiders, you know, Bush, Rubio, Kasich, but as they say “HEARTS WERE MADE TO BE BROKEN”!

We CANNOT and WILL NOT lose this election in 2016 to HILLARY because of your STUPIDITY.  We lost last time because Romney had to appear like he was such a nice guy, a MUSH, another EUNICH!!!

This country cannot withstand another WUSS in the White House.  Don’t forget the Republicans have had the majority in both Houses and have done nothing to stop the Tyranny that this current “SQUATTER” has implemented and dumped on the American people.  STOP BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT!

Get out there and support and defend the one person who is truly an American Success Story, who can save this country before it goes over the cliff to the ABYSS!  GET OFF YOUR POSTERIORS and UNITE!  Remember — A HOUSE DIVIDED WILL NOT STAND!

Marie Volpetti, Brooklyn, New York