From the Twitter thread of Julian’s Rum, more on the Epstein “incident”… and it’s very curious.

“The confiscation of the phone was first revealed Friday in a letter from Tartaglione’s lawyer, Bruce Barket, to U.S. District Judge Karas, expressing concern that privileged material could be on the phone and asking that the federal prosecutors on the case not have access to it”


[SOMEONE] WAS TRYING TO COMMUNICATE WITH THIS CORRUPT COP. Why? Did [they] know this is where Epstein would likely be held?? #Qanon Btw, this corrupt cop was running a drug ring.

“If he used the phone, regardless of whether it was his or not, and texted with (his wife) or any member of his legal team, then that would be privileged” – Tartaglione’s lawyer There’s just one problem with that…

”Prosecutors said that prison staff believed the mini-phone was only capable of making voice calls, not sending or receiving written messages.” The lawyer doesn’t want the feds to have it BECAUSE OF THE PHONE RECORDS. WHO CALLED THIS MAN?? #Qanon

People…this is fucking MASSIVE. It’s like Jussie Smollet’s phone records x1000. [THEY] WERE TRYING TO ARRANGE A HIT ON EPSTEIN. #Qanon

Was someone trying to “arrange a hit?” Or did a desperate Epstein want to end it all on his own terms?