On his radio program yesterday, Rush Limbaugh asked “What is normal?” He spent the better part of a segment trying to answer that question. Ultimately, he explained why he came to the conclusion (using logic on loan from Godddd) that today’s “normal” no longer bears any resemblance to the way centuries of civilization’s societies arranged themselves for the betterment of all.  Rush argued that what has exacerbated the devolution of what we always considered to be normal is the advent of social media.


“To me, this is a question at the root of our cultural and societal desecration, degradation, corruption, what have you. For example, is it normal what we in say 1960, 1980, any time in the past or today — well, not today. That’s the point. Is normal the result of centuries of human behavior, societal evolution, in free societies? Is what’s normal defined by how a majority of human beings have chosen to organize themselves for the best and betterment of all?”

“My point is that whatever we have decided or defined as normal has not been because some powerful government decreed that it was or some legislative body or court decreed that it was, but rather human behavior determined what’s normal.”

“And now the things that were always considered abnormal are now celebrated, and the acceptance of the abnormal is now said to be enlightened.”

“I’m telling you, folks, this stuff has to have an impact on the already very fragilely balanced — and in the case of the Dayton shooter, it looks like it did.”

Think about it.