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No one wants to pay for Obama TV anymore?

It’s official… it’s the beginning of the end for Netflix (NFLX).As you may have heard, the online video company made a troubling announcement…

This quarter, for the first time ever, it lost American subscribers. Hundreds of thousands of them.

The stock plunged more than 11% on the news.

This guy speculates that Netflix could lose as much as 70% of its stock valuation.


For years, Netflix had no real competitors. This allowed it to practically monopolize all the best shows and movies….So, there was no downside to licensing their content out to Netflix to make a little extra money. That’s exactly what they did.

That world is gone forever. You see, Netflix’s most popular shows aren’t “homemade.” According to The Wall Street Journal, the most watched show on Netflix is The Office.

Netflix does not own The Office. NBC Universal owns The Office.

NBC Universal is launching its own streaming service and pulling The Office off Netflix for good by the end of next year.

Another wildly popular show on Netflix is Friends. Friends is owned by Warner Media, which is now owned by AT&T.

Friends will be pulled off Netflix for good in 2020.

Consider this: Some suspect that the Obamas, Jarrett and Susan Rice are being paid a handsome sum to provide “content” and/or advise on Netflix’ Board of Directors, in a covert way to launder dirty money or as “payback” for favors rendered during the Obama Administration. And at the same time, normalize pedophilia.

You don’t say.

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