‘Aren’t the seeds already planted for a crisis? Trust in Washington and in government institutions is at an all-time low.

Political violence is tacitly condoned and often openly encouraged by Democratic officeholders.

The political establishment encourages massive Illegal immigration.

The mainstream media is highly partisan and corrupt beyond reform.

The American flag, the country’s history, and even its nationhood are openly despised in universities.

Society is being forced to swallow the harebrained ideas that gender is fluid and that homosexuals can marry. 

American public schools are a disgrace despite the money poured into them. 

The country is burdened by a $22 trillion national debt to which many trillions more of unfunded government liabilities must be added.

Students owe a trillion dollars in school loans that can never be repaid.

Someday there has to be a reckoning for all this dysfunction. Irrespective of the election results in 2020, the time frame of 2020-2022 sounds about the right for things to come to a head. It would be prudent to be ready.’ 


Heading for Civil War