Ooops.  Looks like the truth has been revealed.  This is beautiful.

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Follow along with Tracy Beanz’ thread about Virginia Roberts Guiffre’s sworn testimony.

Click to access Giuffre-unseal.pdf

BREAKING: We have gotten the first in some documents out of the Epstein Defamation, and there should be some massive retractions about President Trump being made. In Virginia Giuffre deposition, she indicates that printed statements about certain things weren’t true. READ ON

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For those who are legal beagle bugs…

Judge unseals big tranche of documents from the Jeffrey Epstein case. This is the first part of the 2,000 pages to be unsealed. Looks like this 354-page PDF combines today’s releases:


And if you REALLY want to do a deep dive…

From Eye the Spy:

“I took the liberty of going to PACER and downloading ALL of the #Epstein drops & making them into 2 batch pdfs. This way, it’s organized, and you dont have to pay. Enjoy!”

Batch 1 (20 MB – 366 pages)

Batch 2 (124 MB – 644 pages)