What would’ve taken months to secure warrants to inspect or investigate is now property of the US because of the human trafficking charges against Epstein. While alive he could petition the courts to resist searches, seizures and collections. Now that he’s dead, he cannot.

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Consider this: any agent of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate would hereby be petitioning for the possession and control of property and resources used to traffic and exploit and sexually abuse children. I honestly don’t see any law firm willing to put their name on that ticket.

Because of the fact that any and all resources belonging to Jeffrey Epstein that can be tied to human trafficking charges were seized, the United States Department of Justice now has the ability to block any further use or proprietary access to any and all people or entities.

Remember too, these charges stem back to about the year 2000 or so. That means that any unwitting person or entity that dealt financially with Jeffrey Epstein will no longer have access to destroy those files. Anything suspect will draw new charges against new people.

That means that while Jeffrey Epstein was alive he had the ability because of his own interest, to blockade or resist or impede access to his accounts and banking and documentation and property. Whether or not he would have been successful in those efforts is another debate.

Now, the criminal justice system has literally zero resistance to access and control of Jeffrey Epstein’s estate. The only reason that’s possible is because Jeffrey Epstein is dead. Trump’s executive order mandates that the US controlled the assets when Epstein died.

I’m not positive of the code section that would apply here, but I’m willing to bet there are statutes in place that state because Epstein died while his assets were under the Department of Justice control, they are hereby relinquished and forfeited to the US government…

…for as long as is needed to prove they were used in the facilitating of human sex trafficking crimes. If anybody has any insight to this I would deeply appreciate citing a section making this possible. I’m out of time and will search for more proof later.

I think this was a successful operation to advance the investigation and process of rooting out Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplices…something that would not have been as expedient while he was alive. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I believe this is the end game.

A lot of people say they’re upset that Epstein won’t spend the rest of his life in prison as payment for his crimes. But, if Epstein’s victims can split his estate, perhaps they’ll find some solace in that. If nothing else, they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that…

…the other criminals involved in this will be taken down more rapidly than if the court case had been allowed to be postponed until the middle to end of next year as was planned. The promise of PAIN just got a lot closer for a lot of people who have done terrible things!

If there are any victims still waiting to be saved, hopefully this EO will allow for their timely rescue. Perhaps the monster’s death helped more than we know. Yes, I believe he’s dead. (Whether he is or not…wink…wink)

#SaveTheKids God bless you all. #WWG1WGA

– End