I like bringing you Twitter threads from those I find worthwhile and worth your time. I realize that not everyone has a Twitter account. (I’m surprised to learn how many folks haven’t jumped on that social media platform.) So, for those who aren’t tweeters, or if you are and might have missed what I’ve come across, I will occasionally repost threads here, with a link to the original version at Twitter.

This thread by Praying Medic is one of those worthy of  your time and attention.

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“Patriots are in control” appeared early in Q’s operation as reassurance that in contrast to how things were under President Obama (where traitors were in control), things had changed and patriots were in control. Rather than being stressed, Q suggested we enjoy the show.Screen Shot 2019-08-12 at 7.54.04 PM.png

I’ve also used the phrase “enjoy the show.” It’s a great meme that brings comfort to worried people. But this phrase needs to be correctly understood.

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Some have interpreted these phrases as an indication that POTUS has completely defeated his enemies. They say there are no real battles left. Congress, the media & members of the intelligence community pose no real threat. Their opposition is acting—part of a play.

I don’t agree with that interpretation. In December of 2017, the deep state was battling the President and 19 operations were currently active. Q said that operators were in harm’s way and that POTUS had not slept.

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In April of 2018, Q made a blunt statement. Operators put themselves in harm’s way continually to fight for the cause of freedom. Q+ (POTUS) was keenly aware that they needed to more to protect those patriots.

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When anons became impatient with how long it was taking to bring corrupt people to justice, Q informed us that patriots are dying in an effort to eradicate the trafficking of children. He said the enemy was deeply entrenched and it would take time to remove them.

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What does Q mean when he says “patriots are in control?” In this drop, Q posted a link to a Tweet by James Comey & quoted things he had said. Because Comey was one of the traitors who had been in control, Q closed with a reminder to him that patriots were now in control.

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Q did a similar thing with Ted Lieu, who is a vocal opponent of POTUS. He posted a link to Lieu’s Twitter page and suggested he update his banner to accurately reflect how many people were at Trump’s inauguration. He closed with “Patriots in Control.”

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In a similar message to Hillary Clinton, Q posted links to her tweets and said patriots were in full control.

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In this post, Q reminded former high-ranking FBI employees, Randall Coleman and James Comey, that traitors were no longer in control.

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In this post, Q trolled Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller, reminding them that patriots are now in control.

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When Q posts the phrase “patriots are in control” he isn’t boasting that all of Trump’s enemies have been vanquished. He’s reminding specific individuals that they lost control of the most powerful office in the land and, it’s only a matter of time before they face justice.

I believe the phrase “Enjoy the show” has a similar meaning. It doesn’t mean every action is anticipated or that the deep state’s attacks are mere theater. The enemy is real and the attacks are real.

The military leaders who work with the President have a battle plan. But a battle plan remains intact only until contact is made with the enemy. Then, the plan must be adjusted. To enjoy the show is to trust in the ability of these patriots to carry out their plans.

The patriots who work with the President don’t want us to worry needlessly. They want us to pray. They want us to encourage one another. And they want us to spread the message that corruption will be exposed and prosecuted.

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