George Webb has consistently been ahead of even those who are considered the BEST reporters in the conservative media who likely have limits placed on them by editors and others who will only let them go so far with their investigation, if you know what I mean.

Want proof of Webb’s advanced revelations?  Today Webb says he’s not wasting time contemplating how Epstein died and/or who was involved in his demise.

Instead, Webb’s continuing his focus and research on WHAT Epstein was ALSO involved in BEYOND pedophilia. There’s much more to Epstein’s covert activity than the media will tell you.

And it’s nuclear.

History holds the answers. Webb connects the dots that are readily available in public documents, history books, and insider tips.  Take a look at Epstein’s connection with former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, former Senator Jane Harmon of California, and others involved in nuclear trafficking with the enemy.

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June 30, 2018  — Q Drop #1646

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