Two thirds of us don’t believe anything coming out of the media (67%) and our government (69%).

JJ Sefton writes:

“That’s because the government, and its mouthpiece and/or puppet-masters in the media have been exposed as liars, conmen and grifters to such an extent that the words they spew 24/7/365 can and do have potentially lethal consequences (see: Hodgkinson, James et al).

And yet, in the wake of Epstein, as well as the mass shootings and every other policy failure and societal ill that has exploded in their faces they have the unmitigated temerity to blame all of us, the victims of figurative gang rape for dressing too provocatively.

It’s gotten to the point where the leadership of the Democrat-Left-Media Complex actually believes its own propaganda. How else can one explain the projection in the things they say to the complete paroxysms of rage they fly into when they’re caught off guard?”

From American Greatness:

[Politico editor-in-chief John] Harris has good reason to eschew any such quest for insight: Because it would lead him straight to a mirror.

Harris’ own website and his media colleagues in general have lost all credibility with the American public. From assuring us the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to influence the outcome of the 2016 election to reporting every unproven allegation of rape against Brett Kavanaugh, Politico and its brethren have fueled this crisis of confidence. (Harris authored an article in September 2018 with the headline, “Why God is Laughing at Brett Kavanaugh.”)

Pro-life high schoolers wearing Make America Great Again hats were “mocking” and “laughing at” a Native American elder, the media told us.

Hillary Clinton will win the presidency.

The stock market will tank after Trump is elected.

Donald Trump won’t serve a full term.

White supremacy is on the rise and poses a greater threat to national security that Islamic extremism because Trump and Republicans are using special “code words” to fan the flames of racism.

There is no national emergency at the southern border.

The Trump Administration is the first to lock migrant children “in cages.”

That is only a partial list of falsehoods, flat-out lies and legitimate conspiracies that the untrustworthy folks who populate our once respected institutions have told us in the past three years.”