I know, I know… I already posted a video of Steve Bannon explaining the economic war we’re in with China. And the right and powerful path President Trump is taking to go nose to nose with its totalitarian regime.

But this interview with The Epoch Times about Bannon’s new movie depicted China, Huawei, and the challenge we’re facing — the resistance happening in Hong Kong… well, it’s something that all of us should watch.

I did while preparing tonight’s dinner.  Bannon on the kitchen island as I peeled carrots and roasted garlic, educated me.

Take some time to let him educate you too. You’ll love Trump even more.


Can President Trump actually order American companies out of China?

What is Steve Bannon’s new film, Claws of the Red Dragon, all about? And why does he describe Chinese telecom giant Huawei as “the greatest national security threat we have ever faced”?

How does President Trump differ from previous presidents, both Democratic and Republican, in his approach towards China? What did previous administrations fundamentally misunderstand about China and the ruling communist regime?

And what is the role of Wall Street and Western business leaders in funding and empowering the Chinese Communist Party? And, how can we expect the Hong Kong protests to play out?

This is American Thought Leaders 🇺🇸, and I’m Jan Jekielek. Today we sit down with Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist to President Donald Trump, and former executive chairman of Breitbart News. We discuss how, in Bannon’s view, the Chinese communist elites have gained power and wealth through access to Western capital and technology, and used that power to stifle dissent and advance their self-serving global ambitions.

And we look at the threat of Chinese telecom giant Huawei and its ties to the People’s Liberation Army, which are spotlighted in a new film produced by Bannon called “Claws of the Red Dragon.”

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