“The reason why the past few presidents have let the Chinese have their way is because there are many politicians that made a lot of money selling out our manufacturing base to communist china.

They did 2 things that started the destruction of America. First they sold out the mfg jobs, claiming that the American people need to get discounts from cheap labor and it is an economic evolution.

Then they looked the other way while China used all those billion$ for 30 years to reeducate their population, rebuild their military, steal our tech and mfg techniques, and also send literally spies to attend our top colleges and return to China with key American knowledge.

Let’s start with investigating Feinstein and her husband. Then check all California politicians bank accounts and Silicon Valley executives.” — PB, Commenter


“And all the while Google is colluding with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).” – Zulu, Commenter


“What Silicon Valley and weak presidents like Clinton, Bush, and Obama have allowed the CCP to do to the Chinese people and the American people is unforgivable.” — The Passport Gang, Commenter

They were not weak, but corrupt, complicit traitors.

42, 43, 44 not as weak as they were complicit. They willingly sold us out. Weak is letting them off the hook for selling us out by calling them weak!


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