THREAD (with replies)

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How about this one.

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How about my insurance cancellation letter?

Where to start, where to start….

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How about the pallets used to send billions in cash to Iran?  Or maybe some of the murder weapons he released into society through Fast & Furious?

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How about the pillow Obama slept on while Ambassador Stevens was being murdered? Maybe the golf ball from his remarks after James Foley was beheaded?

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Be sure to display one of the rifles he gave to the Mexican cartels that killed a BPA.

Pictures of big Mike pregnant? Would love to see those.

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How about all the fraudulent votes from illegals and dead people.

The first brown paper bag that he received a pile of money in!

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Feel Free to use these:

Fast and Furious
Failed Coup D’etat
No Deals
Uranium One
Muslim EX-President
Pallets Of Cash To Iran
Cash for Clunkers
Bank Bailout
Shovel Ready Jobs

Proof of the ‘Shovel Ready Projects.  I have a shovel ready for a job.

How about a graph with the unemployment numbers on it… maybe a picture of the pallet of cash that went to our enemy Iran.

I’m sure Trump would be happy to unseal some documents for you, give him a call.

How about his yearbook from Columbia?

His real Birth Certificate

The teleprompter, which of course, I do not possess but is a must-have piece of history. He’d have been nothing without it.

Hillary’s and his off-the-books emails.

Obama’s college transcripts. That would be awesome.

How about his interview with Bill OReilly during which he swore there was not a “smidgen of corruption” in the IRS!!

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