Tracy Beanz did a news roundup livestream (which can be accessed on YT) in which she pointed to who the REAL anti-Trumpers are who are pushing the Nadler impeachment, despite Nancy Pelosi’s bug-eyed freak-out that it’s costing the Dems voters,  and the House in the 2020 election.

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Tracy Beanz transcript:

Tracy Beanz: “…every single one of these gentlemen and whoever they are up there are being, are puppets. They have the hand of their staff up their backs, and their little social justice warrior staffers are conducting these hearings. I just want you guys to know. You know that already I’m sure, but you’ll be able to see they don’t know how to go off-script, so if there’s a rebuttal or if there is a detailed response which asks them to clarify, they don’t know what to what to do. They don’t know how to answer. They don’t know the material. He has no idea why he’s asking this question right now I can almost guarantee. He doesn’t really understand what the purpose is of it, he was just told to do.

Lewindowsky: Refresh my memory by providing a copy of the report so I can follow along.

Nads: You don’t have a copier with him

Lewindowsky: I don’t have a copy of the report, congressman.

Cicillini: Chairman I request that the clock be stopped while this charade is sorted out.

Tracy Beanz: Now Nadler has no patience whatsoever and, it’s you know, there’s one thing that I like, kind of get chuckles out of, with Nadler. It’s that even when people on his side kind of poke him or whatever, he rolls his eyes at them and he’s like ‘I just did that! Can you please stop it!’  Like he’d be in the middle of calling for a point of order or whatever, and then he’ll get mad at —  like, you’ll see.

(Nadler leans over to listen to what a staffer is whispering to him and then with a nod of understanding, continues.)

Lewandowski: I’m sorry Congressman, what page was it?

Nads (exasperated): The clock should have been stopped and should remain stopped. Page 90, volume two.

Tracy Beanz: You see the person on the left here whisper to him what page?  Now listen closely Nads nods in understanding and says  ‘Okay.’

Lewandowski: Which paragraph sir?

Nads: I don’t have it in front of me.

Lewandowski: I’d like a reference sir, so I can follow along on what you’re asking do you know…?

Tracy Beanz: This man here just whispered to him “Do you not have any independent recollection,” and then right out of puppetman’s mouth comes ‘Do you not have any independent recollection?”  Listen carefully. I don’t know if you’ll be able to hear it.

(Replays the tape)

Nads: Do you not have an independent recollection?

Lewandowski: I’m sorry, so I can follow along and what you’re asking

Nads: Do you not have an independent recollection of whether you met with the president on that date?

Lewandowski: Congressman, I’m just trying to find in the Mueller Report where it states that.

Nads: Well you have it in front of you. I gave you the page number.

Lewandowski: Yeah where on page 90 is it sir?

(Off camera voice) Mr. Chairman you have got to start the clock.

Nads: NO I DON’T have to start the clock!

Tracy Beanz, mocking Nads: I do NOT! I do NOT have to start the clock!  Listen, he was fed the line to say… he has no idea what he’s doing.”

It’s a report well worth listening to (which also includes the news about the exposure of Planned Parenthood selling baby parts.)

Today, Breitbart echoed Beanz’ claim that it’s the staffers — (the gayboy coven of social justice staffers that Capitol Hill is heavily populated and controlled by) who are behind the scenes.

Jerry Nadler Holds First ‘Impeachment’ Hearing amid Pelosi’s Concerns


House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) hosted the committee’s first so-called “impeachment” hearing on Tuesday despite a report that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is concerned he has gone too far and a new poll showing that most voters are still against impeachment.

The hearing featured witness Corey Lewandowski, former Trump campaign manager, and was panned as a failure even by critics of President Trump for devolving into a debacle and Democrats not being able to land any kind of blow.

After the end, Nadler — who is facing a primary challenge on his left — vowed they would “hold President Trump accountable.”

But a new report from Politico said Pelosi is unhappy with the way Nadler’s committee is handling the impeachment issue.

According to the outlet, in a closed-door meeting last week, Pelosi criticized the committee’s aides for advancing impeachment “far beyond” where the Democrat caucus stands. She added that Democrats simply did not have the votes on the floor to impeach Trump.

“And you can feel free to leak this,” Pelosi said, according to the report.

Pelosi’s remarks sounded more like Republicans’ during the hearing than Democrats’. Ranking Republican Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA) pointed out that Democrats wanted to talk about impeachment without actually taking a vote on the House floor, where they currently would not have the votes. The number in favor stands just above 130. They need 218 for impeachment.

Pelosi has opposed impeachment, wary of the political backlash and effect it could have on Democrats holding onto the House. She had tried to protect vulnerable Democrats in red states and districts who were crucial to winning the Democrats’ House majority.

Only 37 percent of voters support beginning impeachment proceedings, while 50 percent oppose doing so, and 12 percent are undecided, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll.

The poll showed that independents tilt heavily against impeaching Trump, with only 31 percent supporting beginning impeachment proceedings, compared to 50 percent who think Congress should not begin them.

Pelosi is also reportedly concerned with reports that House Judiciary Committee staff were lobbying more members of the committee to come out in favor of impeachment, according to Politico.

And she is reportedly concerned with Nadler going beyond specific language she approved regarding impeachment.

“She signed off on that, that’s where Nadler should have stayed,” one Pelosi aide said.

But the pressure on Pelosi is rising, with dozens of Democrats coming out for impeachment in recent months. When asked about Pelosi’s opposition, Rep. llhan Omar (D-MN) on Sunday bragged about her support for impeachment, and suggested that Pelosi would come around.

On CBS’s Face of the Nation, Omar said:

Well, what I have always said was that it wasn’t if we were going to impeach, it is when we were going to impeach. And I think it is okay for some people to have hesitations, for other people to catch up to where some of us have been for a really long time. And I think with Chairman Nadler, he understands that, you know, we have a constitutional duty and we must exercise that constitutional duty.

Other progressives insist Pelosi quietly supports them.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, insisted to Politico that Pelosi “doesn’t always want to use the word ‘impeachment’ but believe me, she signed off on every piece of what has been put forward.”