Seven Deadly Sins

Mon 30 Sep 2019 18:17:13

Now that the deep state is activating sleeper cells in the CIA, keep in mind the first one was a sting operation set up by the Trump folks and this will be clear soon enough.

The second cell is simply part of the continued attempt by the main stream media and the Democrats and theirs allies in the Deep State to overthrow the Presidency. This particular whistle blower only identifies completely legal actions of the President and is an attempt to dis-credit the investigation of Barr and Durham, and bum rush the Country into impeachment.

I encourage you to take a moment and look again at my post regarding these deep state sleeper cells and the presidents recent tweets. Also realize the goods on these folks is ready to go and they are just screaming out in pain.

The 2020 election will be won in the next 30 days. The Democrats never appreciated Trump was not locked in the room with them but they were locked in the room him and well a few friends.

Like I said this will be biblical. When these folks finish up their seven deadly sins the head in the box will not be Trump. We are talking about the total destruction of the MSM, and that is only the beginning. Wrath is coming. Now look at what happen to Seth Rich and Jeffrey Epstein and connect the dots. The Seven Deadly Sins and the third act. You always appear weak when you are strong.


Sat 28 Sep 2019 09:41:45

The Democrats and the Main Stream Media are attempting to overthrow the American Government and its elected President and files we are uncovering show this and the link to international organizations working with them to accomplish this goal.

Rogue elements of the CIA and the FBI are deep into this overthrow attempt and while in the past efforts were generally aimed at simply taking out an opponent this has now escalated to changing the very essence of government in the U.S. This means the setting up of an alien form of government who`s agenda includes war with Russia, the denial of basic rights to Americans, and the institutionalization of a criminal form of control over the American Population.

While this is on going remember these folks have morphed into something evil and their media stooges and elements of the Republicans are hell bent in their efforts. Their specific goals involve removing both Judge Gorsuch and Judge Kavanaugh and opening the southern border to massive influx of illegal aliens to promote their scheme.

Even I was shocked to see the magnitude of this effort. This has become the most blatant criminal attempt in the history of the Republic to destroy this country. I am really not a political person and I have seen some pretty wild stuff but this is over the top treason.

I suggest you folks understand this is not a movie it is real and you and your families are in the middle of it. We are all Donald Trump now and the traitors in the government are on the march. Maybe you should not go back and watch your football game. Understand what is happening and what you could all lose.


John Brennan Hidden bank accounts in Italy.
Fri 27 Sep 2019 19:02:37

Hello ladies. Today was interesting. Got shipped off to Italy and what did we find. Several bank accounts traceable to John Brennan with multiple deposits traced back to accounts in Iran and Russia. Not only that but our friend Peter Strozk has two accounts each with over 3 million dollars with deposits from Iran sources traceable to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards routed through banks in Lebanon.

My traveling companions are sorting through records from the Italian version of the CIA tracing back how all this Russia gate stuff started. An interesting name has surfaced, and a senator from Virginia is in the middle of this. There will not be enough rope to handle the needs when this is all over. Later.

While a lot has come out this week it is not the Big Dick. Sorry to say but keep in mind the big dick maybe long in coming but he is never premature.


The Big Dick comes for everyone.
Thu 26 Sep 2019 00:39:34

Had to leave earlier this evening for several meetings and updates. There will be a very stunning announcement in the next 48 hours. I mentioned a while back you have a chance to figure out my role in all of this by a special ring. Be on the look out for it.

As I mentioned earlier Biden`s ass will look like a team of monkeys parked on him for two days. Not only that but a lot more. I will roll the ring. Turn out the lights the party is over. Be back Friday afternoon.

The Trap and the Democrats ass
Wed 25 Sep 2019 21:24:55

What is about to happen to the Democrats and Joe Biden is beyond x-rated. My login picture does not even begin to capture the essence of what that is about to happen. To put in perspective consider what happened to the murderer of Jeffrey Epstein`s and Seth Rich in the desert of Saudi Arabia.

These fools do not understand the power of the presidency and the massive information base Trump has been sitting on. Also expect Bill Barr to come out of the batter`s box and hit home run after home run with those few Democrats who have balls out of the park.

I will hold back for a bit but I now understand in talking to a friend in the Justice Department why McCabe and others are waiting like a line of beef getting ready to go into meat grinder.

Next up Warren becomes the front runner and next month Hillary comes back, fucks Warren in the ass and here we go.

A lot going on with Iran. War is still on the menu. Intelligence reports show the Iranians are moving things closer to Israel. That is not acceptable.


The Big Dick comes for the Democrat Party Anonymous
Tue 24 Sep 2019

Remember my comments regarding the content of the President`s conversation with the Ukrainian President. This was a set up from the git go and when you hear the conversation tomorrow just keep in mind the total demented and just bat shit crazy brains of the Democrats and the main stream media.

Pay particular attention to the comments about the corruptions of the Biden`s and their relationship to the Ukraine. This will not stop with the Ukraine, Trump has files on the Biden`s and their exploits with Kerry`s son and the corruption in China. That is why Pelosi looked like someone stuck a dick up her ass, she suspects what is coming and just can`t see it in the dark.

The rat that blew this open was given the information by A trump mole. The only thing that was not known was if and when the rat would bite. The whistle blower first contacted attorneys for the Democrats with their shit and they worked with the rat to present this as a whistle blower complaint which it really is not.

This was supposed to help the rat not get prosecuted but Barr is preparing criminal charges as this is being written. Progress on the Flynn situation today and big things coming but since my friends in Justice are constipated will hold off on a specific date. They have their dicks in their hands and need to shit.


Mon 23 Sep 2019 23:53:58

Oh and by the way, Trump is sitting on files that show Diane Feinstein and her husband have been selling out the country to the Chinese for a generation. So far it has been determined that the two of them received over 250 million dollars in bribes over the last 24 years.


Sat 14 Sep 2019 19:38:12

Yep, as I have been posting today this is on the menu. If you have a chance take a look at what I have been saying. The only thing I will add is the U.S. is positioning technology in the Gulf that up to now has only be whispered about and if it is used certain entities will understand resistance if futile.

Keep a look out for Israel to jump right in the middle of this massively and Iranian oil facilities and missile production sites and their storage for nuclear weapons to he hit. Intelligence shows that the top of Iranian leadership approved this strike. Funny over hear to catch a killer and get caught up in this shit.

Earlier I said the chance of WW3 had diminished, believe it is now at least 40%.


Sat 14 Sep 2019 18:17:41

Not long ago I indicated we were on the verge of WW3 in the middle east and earlier today I brought up the Iranians were behind these strikes on Saudi Arabia. From my contacts here the Saudi`s are preparing to destroy several Iraniian facilities probably including Kharg Island, with the U.S. protecting Saudi facilities. Also the Israelis are preparing for strikes in Gaza and their northern border is on a hair trigger.

Buckle up ladies like I mentioned Epstein and Rich may not even matter soon. Oddly enough their killer is buried near where Saudi was hit. Funny in a way. Buckle up and stock up on gas. Interestingly enough China is going to get fucked big time if this blows up. Also the U.S. or Israel may use this as an opportunity to destory Iranian missile facilities and the locations where they are storing nuclear weapons purchased from the Ukraine.

Just a final point the driving reason for Trump getting the U.S. Energy independent was just this sort of thing and other considerations.


Sat 14 Sep 2019 15:28:46

This is very, very bad. Use your imagination and multiply that by 10.

Fri 13 Sep 2019 21:53:11
Well with McCabe in the cross hairs of Tryone and our friends at Justice moving cautiously it seems the gig is about up. Personally I would have enjoyed my friends in Saudi Arabia dealing with McCabe but one must be civilized here.

These boys have plenty of barrels courtesy of the oil industry and a lot of sand and the dogs really enjoy their work. As I mentioned before the FISA business is the motherlode and that will take down a number of folks including Comey and my favorite bitch Yates.

The Clinton investigations are two pronged one dealing with the foundation and the other dealing with the e-mails. Good thing too with Biden going down and Warren emerging from the pack, Clinton plans to jump back in in November and fuck Warren`s brains out.

On another subject I have given the name of the individual who killed by Epstein and Rich for the Democrats. While the stupid shit was traveling under a Japanese passport he used that name from New York to Tokyo and eventually ending up in Iran. You can also find property in Israel and South Africa he owned. Also there are several photographs of him and the Podesta Brothers at several political events in Washington. Something a serious person might look into and then compare that to various photos from the prison and hospital. Later


Big Dick/Pussy Hat edition Anonymous
Thu 12 Sep 2019 15:32:37

As I indicated previously felt it was better to let a few things surface regarding McCabe before posting again. Have to admit my friends in Saudi Arabia would have dealt with this a bit faster but never less now my friends in the Justice Department have removed their pussy hats and finally moved to take care of McCabe well here we are.

McCabe though did not rat folks out and perhaps he is looking forward to his time with Tryrone. This indictment is only phase one with others down the road associated with the FISA warrants. The FISA Warrant business is the honey pot for most of these ass holes and Their day is coming as I indicated earlier.

Anyone really interested in all of this should take the time and put together what I have posted a place it in proper sequences. It will provide an overview of where things are going.

Hope they announce the Yates indictment this year at halftime of the Georgia Tech/Georgia game. Things here have cooled off a bit but still pretty tender. Getting Bolton out is a good thing. He really is a fucking maniac.

Chance of all of this blowing up is about 20% now with the business of the Iranian nukes still out there.

On another matter folks should be looking into who was the individual at the Hospital where Rich was murdered and the prison where Epstein was murdered. I know there are tapes in the public view that show this person in both places. Should know I have seen them.

A lot of things and people surfacing right now and I might add people and for the very first time they are real. And one other thing the FISA Judge that was McCabe`s bitch is fucked to. He is screaming like well you know.

Mon 09 Sep 2019 19:24:21

The Decision to idict McCabe has already been made and implemented. We are just in the foreplay phase to see what he can offer to avoid 20 years with Tyrone. Right now seems he gets the big dick unless he can pull a rabbit out of his ass.

On other matters the Isrealis pulled the trigger on the Iranians in Syria this weekend and they are opening up with what they know about their nuclear program. Expect serious military action very soon and the cliff is very close and all involved could be going off the cliff soon.

Interesting enough the Iranians have agreed to me the President after they became aware of the fact the Israelis and the U.S. are aware of their nuclear weapons. Never underestimate the impact of this site to influence international events. Who knows maybe posts here are made as a way to communicate between governments.

Also as I indicated Hillary is planning to run in 2020 and her biggest roadblock is Barr. Information from the intelligence services are surfacing that over 100 intelligence operatives were killed as a result of information obtained from her server. To understand the magnitude of the Clinton Server treason just ask one question. What is the similarity between Hillary`s server and Stormy Daniels pussy. It is better to ask who was not in there than the speculate who was?

From what we know at least 13 foreign governments camped out in there and all because the stupid bitch was hiding her scams of the Clinton Foundation there. Hell if Clinton had been elected these governments all had enough shit on her to make the U.S. their bitch. At the top of the list was China, Iran, Israel, Russia, England, and Germany.

On the road. As far as what is going on over here we are still about 50% possibility of WW3 developing. If Iran does not give up the nukes the peace is over. Later.

A day at the office/ /Big Dick for JP
Sat 07 Sep 2019 23:11:56

Well ladies, it seems that things have progressed enough to share again. The fellow that murdered Rich has been dissolved into some rather high quality sludge and my Saudi friend kept a few of his teeth as a momento. They have offered me a few million of the 6 million we retrieved. Haven`t decided whether or not to take it but if I do will probably just down load the interrogation on you tube. The Dogs are a good touch and having them eat his fingers as he watched really helped the interview a lot.

Seems the Iranians are still in the cross hairs. The Iranians have shit their pants about the nukes being discovered and who knows maybe come to their senses. Maybe not. Should be and interesting few days.

Events are proving out that our intercepts of Clinton are coming into play. She is now playing with Warren and getting herself in the good graces of the Progressives in the Party so when she fucks Warren in the ass shortly she can harvest their votes. Warren was up to her cunt in corruption with her husband and Clinton knows it and will get the information public at the right time.

It is hammer time for McCabe. He did not understand the severity of his situation and Barr will be wrapping things up with that piece of shit in a bit.

By the way the fellow that did Epstein in was paid in cash by guess who? His intials are JP and we have traced the funds all the way back to an off shore account hidden by the Clinton Foundation. Hlllary has been a bad, bad girl. She should have divorced that pervert Bill years ago. Have to hand it to her though she is a helluva criminal.

Oh by the way have any of you taken a look into the bank account transfers to two of the 9/11 terrorists. All of their money was routed from an Indonesian Bank that was a front for the Bank of China. Later.

Fri 06 Sep 2019 21:42:41

It seems you ladies have a lack of trust. A lot of productive things happened today in Saudi Arabia. Not much left of our friend. Imagine he will be happy where he is now. These guys really know their craft and totally enjoy it.

The weekend is still hot and we are relocating to a safe space. Those idiots in Gaza are trying to get in on the cloister fuck and they will get a front row seat. Everything happened today exactly as it was planned. The weekend will be spent seeing what can be offered to keep Tyrone at bay. Suspect a few more days of silence is worth the effort. I would have handled it differently but what the the hell everyone does it a bit differently.

Of course my interest primarily is in the University of Georgia graduate and watching that shit show develop. Stay safe and secure this weekend and if the big show goes on stage look for 3 major strikes in Iran and 2 in Syria and 4 in Lebanon. My guess is Saturday night.

Oh Hillary is running. She has secured over 500 Million from various sources including 200 million we have traced to the Chinese. You know the folks who paid for 9/11.

Thu 05 Sep 2019 19:56:49

It is like most groups, good folks some evil and a lot are bat shit crazy. Think Dr. Strangelove. I grew up in a simpler time but came to see how all of these folks somehow produce an energy that sometimes creates better than worse.

For example the real American conflict is now in Venezuela. Fuck your politics it is a shit hole run by drug cartels and more foreign spys than you can imagine. We need to clean that festering piece of shit out and start over. And above all make a shit pile of money.

The U.S. is now strategically dis-coupling from the rest of the world and once the deck is re-shuffled the most important piece of real estate is South America. With Venezuela secured we really can tell the rest of the world to fuck off and mean it. Expect Maduero and his crowd of fucks to be out of there by Christmas.

Thu 05 Sep 2019 17:46:20

Perhaps he has been. I would take that bet. Maybe even the piece of shit also knows what is coming in other matters and is already on his knees trying to escape Tyrone`s clutches.

Thu 05 Sep 2019 16:09:34

yep. Sooner than you think.