Part 1

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After Nunes held that March 2017 press conference, Schiff forced Nunes to step down as HPSCI chairman while he was INVESTIGATED for publicly discussing the unmasked intel intercepts of the Trump transition team that he was shown.

In other words, he was investigated for a LEAK.
What did the investigation determine?

It determined that Nunes did NOTHING WRONG and he was restored to the chair of the committee.

It couldn’t have been a leak of classified information then.

Because we all know thank to Gen. Petraeus what a bad thing that’d be, right?
Nunes KEPT HIS MOUTH SHUT from that point on.

He didn’t call any press conferences and he didn’t discuss on or off the record any classified information.


People tell me this is why the guy is a PATRIOT.

I agree.

A patriot with the patience of Job who had to wait 3+ years for the law to be followed, the investigations to be finished, and the evidence to vindicate him to come out LEGALLY so he could use.

And the entire time bugs eyes sitting next to him is playing the OTHER game.

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One followed the law and kept his mouth SHUT and refused to leak – even to help himself! – while he waited to be vindicated.

Meanwhile the other guy is frantically leaking like a sieve & giving countless interviews in which he repeatedly lies his ass off to the public.

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@DevinNunes is a patriot.

So we all agree on that, right?

Guy kept his mouth shut all this time, wouldn’t even do one defensive leak to try to stop relentless media attacks.


Now let’s talk about who ELSE did exactly that:

Jeff Sessions.

WHY do you suppose Jeff Sessions **waited** until news broke of ODNI
@RichardGrenell going to the Dept. of Justice to hand off newly declassified documents related to the **illegal unmasking of Trump transition/administration people** to suddenly write this letter?

There **TWO** absurd things you’re being told right now.

1) Sessions should NEVER have recused himself


2) Sessions could have ‘un-recused’ himself after he was cleared of being a Russian agent

Both claims are wrong.

What have I said for 3 1/2 years now, in direct contrast to many Conservative pundits who believe Trump & Co. wandered their way into the White House in Jan. 2017 without a clue or a plan to counter their being spied on & traps all around them laid by federal saboteurs?

The very EARLIEST you can say Trump was tipped off to illegal surveillance of his campaign is the Mike Rogers visit to Trump Tower in late November of 2016, the very day Trump suddenly decided to up and move his entire transition team to Bedminster.

But understand: the **cover story** that Trump & Sessions and everybody else on that transition was **COMPLETELY UNAWARE** their electronic comms [EC’S] were being intercepted & unmasked was useful.

And they may NEVER admit it is a cover story.

In his letter Sessions is saying he didn’t find out Comey was investigating [read: spying] on the incoming Trump administration until after he was already Attorney General.

That is a cover story. Sessions, like Trump & everyone else else involved, had no illusions going in.


“**After** I wandered into that AG’s office and took the oath, only THEN did I discover the FBI was investigating me & many other Trump people for supposedly being Russian agents.”

According to the LAW, what does Sessions have to do now?

You think Sessions will admit at this point they laid a trap for the trappers? He set up the spies trying to spy on him with his own spies?

Of course not.

He’s sticking to the cover story.

“I discovered much to my horror that I was being investigated for Russian collusion.”

Now **the law** is clear.

Sessions can’t be in charge of people who had opened a counterintelligence investigation into his being a supposed Russian agent **before** he assumed the AG job and got oversight of them.

That is a direct conflict of interest.

Con’t in Part 3