“This is close to my own read. But who is the king? Difficult for this anon to look at the disgusting thing called Obama, and even imagine him as king. Faked CV, front puppet for VJ for 8 years, a most vile failed man. Could he be “king” in the context of Q’s drop, and the scenario we see being played out? Yes, of course. And yet….methinks it is someone else. Consider the excellent digs done here in re the lineage of French royalty coming down to the present day. That may be the King being referenced today, possibly P.” (Payseur)

Q Post # 4241:

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It makes sense for HRC to go down first.

1. Obama will never be President after 2 terms.

2. HRC is the door to Obama.

3. Take down the Queen, so that the King is left defenseless.

I for one prefer Crooked to go down first.


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