[Transcribed by Connie Bevan, May 20th, 2020]

George Webb continues his report about Big Pharma vaccine production in Part 3:

And then we’re going to go to a platform, the solution has to be a platform that’s written by Bavarian Nordic. It has to be their MVA Platform so it’s a lock. ‘You have to use our technology. If you are a big pharmaceutical company, you’re going to have to use our technology that we already have a lock on.’

Sort of reminds me of Howard Hughes having the lock on some of the (oil) drill bits – there are certain types of more efficient drill bits in the oil industry, and you’re (Howard Hughes) going to make money no matter which oil company goes drilling.

Let’s talk about this Moderna. It seems like Moderna has been anointed right from the very beginning. So this virus is thrust upon us, sort of like a 9/11, a bio 9/11 event, and we have to immediately put in a sort of Patriot Act which is this warp-speed program — which I understand people are concerned — but Moderna seems to be odds on – everyone agrees that Moderna is the winner.

Fauci’s nodding his head. Yes, Moderna. You’re going to have to go with Moderna because it’s going to open up a new research horizon, a new area of research in this mRNA virus. These are the artificial viruses. (And) It’s great to have a nanoparticle company like Sina Bavari if you are going to go in this direction, because mRNA travels in these little nanoparticles.

So, who did they name? Who is named as the new person to run this warp-speed program? Well, again, it’s a lock: this Slaoui guy. I don’t know if it’s Slouie or Slouie but it looks like Louie with an S on the front of it. He’s from Morocco, speaks French and I believe Farsi and English, and is a very strong proponent of vaccines. He is on the Board of Directors of Moderna. He’s also connected on the Board with this A*Star Company in Singapore that does the health surveillance and health development biotech development in Singapore.

Remember we have two NATO couriers that are involved with Singapore Statistics and the whole Infectious Disease Response around the world through Singapore Statistics and this A*Star Science Technology and Research. I’ve been to Singapore and I’ve seen the research island. This new guy who’s the new warp-speed guy, is awfully convenient because he’s a very strong proponent of vaccines.

I worked with GlaxoSmithKline a long time, the number one producer of vaccines and viruses. This Slaoui guy, he’s got his finger in all the pies. He’s got his finger in the pie for health surveillance with A*Star in Singapore, he’s got his finger in the pie at Moderna with in the mRNA solution, he’s got his finger in the pie with all the vaccine companies, GlaxoSmithKline being the biggest one. He himself has said ‘Why do therapeutics at 6 percent margin when you can do vaccines at 17 percent margin?’

So the deck just seems stacked in our bioweapons card game here, and I really question who is consulting Trump? This guy has very strong ties, this Slaoui, this S-Louie, very strong ties with the government of Qatar, very strong ties with Joe Biden. Qatar has stated categorically they want to oust Trump. You just get the feeling that there are no advisors around Trump telling him and warning him about these things. This is for all the marbles, Trump’s putting all the marbles on Slaoui, on this Manhattan Project for coming up with a vaccine.

Seems like the deck is stacked. So that’s this dispatch for today. The stacked deck for virus-vaccine with NATO.