The leaked emails from Hunter Biden go well beyond a troubles of a politician’s son. It’s a huge story, exposing that President Trump’s impeachment was built on a sham.

We now know Vice President Biden and his family were in the business of selling U.S. access and foreign policy for cash. And Congress literally impeached the president for asking a foreign country to investigate it.

Even worse, we’ve been failed by a number of our institutions.

The FBI had this information for over a year, yet most people, including Congress, first learned of it in the New York Post. We need a real investigation into the FBI, with serious consequences.

The legacy media continued to show they care not about the truth, but defeating Donald Trump. So far, they’ve either ignored this blockbuster or did their best to paint it as “misinformation” … maybe even “Russian misinformation”! It’s been shameful to watch.

Social media was even worse. They’re not even pretending anymore. Their ham-handed censorship was made only worse by their twisting justification. At least they’ll have a hard time in the future denying their partisanship.

The result? I wouldn’t be shocked if a good part of America has either not heard of this story, or think it’s a lie. And it literally upends a historical event.

Yet there’s cause for optimism.

Whistleblower John Paul Mac Isaac displayed an inspiring courage. He’s been attacked both large and small, from the media’s first jackal-like ambush of him, down to his store’s Yelp rating plunging as partisans attack him there. He may never get a statute for his sacrifice, but he deserves recognition.

The New York Post didn’t back down. They’ve had a great year speaking truth to power, and we should all wish Rupert Murdoch, who owns both it and Fox News, a very long life. Many conservatives fret about the direction of Fox News, but imagine where we’d be without it.

A growing conservative press has shown the ability to drive a story, despite the steadfast opposition of most media. We’re losing the media fight, but we’re in the game.

Overall, though, this episode shows how much work we have in front of us.

Had a similar story emerged thirty years ago, journalists would have reported on it seriously. They would have skewed it to the left, of course, but they would’ve been honest. Possibly even fair.

We’re not going back to the media of yesterday, though. We’ve entered an age of partisan journalism, and need to build parity to maintain our voices in the political arena. That’s a fight we need to win, no matter which candidate prevails in November.

What we can do: We’re still collecting notes for John Paul. Reply here and we’ll be sure he gets them!

Also, read and support the New York Post. And don’t back down on social media. And let people know about this fight … recruit whenever you can.