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Here is an article I wrote knowing about the Hunter Biden emails for months now (and knowing what “we” went through to get it to the public). Say what you want about fact checkers. “post truth” America, “October Surprise” or demeaning particular journalists or conservative news sources, etc. I know what I PERSONALLY experienced with respect to this issue and leave it to the experts to determine the veracity of the emails–something the FBI could have let us know about in Dec of 2019–if they weren’t apparently part of a “Deep State”. Sad!

My good friend’s family hangs it out so American would know the truth–and here we are a week after the story breaks–and we know NOTHING from the FBI.

I have posted this article that I wrote this weekend elsewhere in response to other people’s posts and have been called names, had my integrity impugned, and my character and the character of friends (family members of the real American patriot who really hung it out for all of us so we would know the truth) attacked.

Even got a call from friends today telling me to be careful!

I also know Facebook has been inhibiting my posts given what I am experiencing. I wanted to see if I could post a picture of my grandkids and see if that would get more than “limited distribution” I have been experiencing and accompany that picture with a personal history of my knowledge of the Hunter Biden hard drive.

After further thought, Mary and I decided I should post a picture of American kids–of all races–our future of America–that is why a number of us are taking a stand.

Do we really want our kids to be “controlled” by these elements of our society (the media, big tech and the FBI) in the years ahead? Given what we have experienced this week, I think we all should say “NO!!!”


By Rod Bishop

Should you think the “Hunter Biden Email Story” is just part of a Russian Disinformation Campaign, let me share with you some facts/details that I am personally aware of:

I have known the family (dad, aunt and uncle) of the Computer Shop owner (John Paul Mac Issac who received Hunter’s computers in early 2019) for over 35 years. The entire family is one patriotic American family! The uncle is a very close friend (and neighbor) who I served together with in the USAF in the 1980s. To fabricate such as story (as some have suggested) (or be duped as a part of some Russian Disinformation Campaign) as the liberal media is pushing–is just not in their fabric. The dad and the uncle are both USAFA graduates and retired Air Force colonels with lots of experience. in intel.

I have known the details of the Hunter Biden emails story for over 2 months. The shop owner’s uncle (my good friend) shared the story with me the first week of August (and sent me a few of the emails). Of course we discussed the FBI—they initially refused to take the computers and words were expressed to my friend’s nephew that were not “professional”.

Finally, after other family members got involved and applied some pressure, the computers were officially subpoenaed in Dec of 2019. As a matter of protection (given the content and the original owner), the shop owner (since the computers were legally now his property) made a copy of the salvageable hard drive before turning the computers over to the FBI.

When the President was impeached early this year and nothing was said about the obvious exculpatory emails, the family became suspicious and tried to contact the FBI, but their approaches were rebuffed.

Then they tried to get certain politicians and media outlets involved and surprisingly there were few takers! Senator Johnson’s Homeland Security Division showed some interest as they were doing an oversight report on possible corruption regarding Hunter Biden but in my opinion didn’t take it seriously enough initially.

In May, my good friend got more deeply involved and sent a summary of the material to Bret Baier, Sara Carter, Cheryl Atkinson (sic), John Solomon, and others—still no media takers—a huge mystery to us all!

Luckily, our tiny Monument CO community has some great people with great contacts. A fellow resident (neighbor and former Fox News Reporter), when asked, got involved a couple of weeks ago, contacted a former mentor and former Fox News Executive, and finally the New York Post (an affiliate of Fox) broke the story this past Monday.

His story about how this unfolded is found elsewhere on my FB wall.

Certainly the emails—a number of which have already been verified by third parties as 100% truly belonging to Hunter Biden paint a picture at the very least of the former VP repeatedly lying to us, the American people, about what he knew/didn’t know about his son’s business dealings.

When a logical person combines these emails with VP’s Biden’s public bragging about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired (the same one his son’s company wanted fired), one can most probably conclude this is much BIGGER than just a lie—this is American politics at its worst—the VP of the United States using the power of his office to enrich his family (and most probably himself) —it is hard to not believe the text to Hunter’s daughter Naomi that says “I hope you all can do what I did, and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years and it has been tough. It’s really hard, but don’t worry, unlike Pop, I won’t make you give me half your salary” – or the one talking about “10% for the big guy”. Boy that would be pretty good Russian disinformation if that were the case to weave something so intricately!

So this corruption aside—what should we American Citizens be concerned about?


Did anyone notice that the day this story “broke” on the NY Post not MSM outlet gave the story even 1 second of coverage during their prime time news shows that evening? Unless you watched Fox or read the New York Post, you were completely in the dark. Since that time, the MSM has been spending most of their time trying to plant seeds of doubt or trying to debunk the story.

I have assisted the uncle of the shop owner in writing an article today that gives multiple links to such obfuscation that I will TRY (an operative word—as FB wouldn’t let me post this article after spending an hour and a half writing it—just last hour) to post tomorrow or Tuesday.


One reason you have been or might be in the dark on this story is Facebook and Twitter both would NOT allow the story to be shared or anything beyond “limited posting” for days!! Some accounts were even blocked. Sharing not allowed in any form.


Wow! What do we say here? We have learned in the last few weeks that the CIA Director Brennan briefed President Obama on a plan approved by Mrs Clinton to collude with a British spy and a Russian Operative to produce false information and spy on her opponent’s campaign (and then the President ordered continued spying on the incoming administration).

Multiple frauds committed against the FISA Court. We also have known for years, the FBI looked the other way on Clinton operatives deleting 33,000 subpoenaed emails, destruction of cell phones and computers—somehow that is not obstruction of justice. Now they can apparently add “just sitting on exculpatory emails” during a Presidential Impeachment to their repertoire of untoward activities.


I suppose readers will draw their own conclusions of my recounting of my experiences here based on their political persuasion. I would like to think 3 years as a General Courts Martial Authority gave me some experience to “judge fairly”.

My conclusion? The media, Big Tech, and (very unfortunately) our own law enforcement agencies seem to be participating (or have participated) in “COLLUSION” to tip the scales in this election, ignoring or dismissing facts, participating in election interference, falsely trying to steer people from the truth and (extremely disheartening) have shown seemingly total disregard for the laws of our land!

As my close friend (the uncle) posted today: “Given new information being revealed by the Hunter Biden hard drive, even though it is being diminished by our leftist media sources, and if I had an open mind, and if I had a conscience and if I were a registered Democrat (or a never Trumper), then I would have a painful knot in my stomach.”