A reader left this comment on my Fakebook page:

“I have found it interesting Biden side general public not mentioning much.

I think many of them might be holding their breath to see what’s going to happen.

Some might be quietly waking up to the realization of the tremendous mistake they made in casting their vote for a man their like-minded tribe told them was better than “orange man bad” Trump.

If their understanding of our country is by listening to and watching the propaganda media, they’re still ignorant of what the Biden crime family has done.

Maybe their beliefs are basically socialistic.

Maybe they’ve never read our nation’s guiding principles enshrined in the US Constitution, much less do they understand them.

Many – if not MOST of them – in their deliberate or otherwise ignorance of the above – also voted for the Kenyan Obama. Twice. And would have voted for his wife had she deigned to leave her ill-gained comforts.

Maybe they just don’t give a sh!t…

Or maybe all of the above.

Thank God there are more of us than them. A country divided.

Seen on I-95 in the Ft. Lauderdale area.