AG Bill Barr resigns

Now I can reveal what I know about Bill Barr.

I’ve been on the fence about Barr from the start, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he was DJ Trump’s pick as Attorney General, overseeing the so-called “Department of Justice.”

Here’s why I was keeping close tabs on Barr.

Several years ago, I read COMPROMISED: CLINTON, BUSH AND THE CIA written by Terry Reed (published 1994), a flight instructor who taught the bush pilots how to fly contraband (weapons and drugs) in and out of Mena Airport with the full knowledge of then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton. Reed wrote the tell-all book as an insurance policy to protect himself from being “arkancided” the way his colleague in crime Barry Seal was. When you read what follows, you will recognize MANY similarities happening now. And the gargantuan task President Trump and his team have undertaken to “clean the swamp.”

It’s a long and very detailed story – the book with index runs well over 500 pages. In it, Reed tells ALL. And names names. Including Bill Barr, who oversaw the illicit weapons/drug trade out of Mena, AK that came to be known as “Iran-Contra.” And no, Barr wasn’t a good guy in this scenario. Just the opposite.

Here is the organization chart Reed included in the book that illustrates who the players were. I’ve placed an arrow beside Bill Barr’s name.

Bill Barr, according to Reed, went by the pseudonym Robert Johnson. Barr served as GHW Bush’s Attorney General. Included in the criminal activities were then-vice president George HW Bush, Bill Clinton, Oliver North (“Cathey”), and ex-CIA Director William Casey, among many others who still to this day slither throughout our federal government.

As you’ll see in the index, Barr is mentioned more than several times, as he played a MAJOR role in this crime syndicate.

I’ve sprinkled excerpts throughout this post to give you a sample of the role Barr played in this scandal. But there’s much MUCH more in the pages of this book that tell the reader that Bill Barr is a sharp CIA asset, who knows his way around clandestine ops.

From the jacket flap (my comments in brackets):

COMPROMISED is the true story of Bill Clinton’s political sell-out to the CIA. [And Bill Barr’s sellout too]

Clinton’s unbridled political ambition and his campaign pledge to create “Jobs for Arkansans” led him to compromise his ideals [what ideals?] in exchange for CIA support in his bid for the Presidency. [Barr et al assured Clinton that if he played along, the White House could be his.]

He permitted the “Agency” [overseen by “Johnson” aka Bill Barr representing CIA Director Bill Casey] to use Arkansas factories to make untraceable weapons and he allowed CIA contract agents to train Contra pilots on rural airstrips in support of the war in Nicaragua — effectively evading the Congressional ban on military aid to the Contras.

This expose’ unfolds through the eyewitness account of Terry Reed, a former CIA asset whose patriotism transformed him into a liability when he refused to turn a blind eye to the Agency’s drug trafficking. While helping the CIA set up its secret “black” operations, he unwittingly compromised his family’s safety, ultimately forcing them to become fugitives. Realizing that Reed witnessed the making of a counterfeit President and knew too much about its drug operations, the Agency set out to destroy him and his family.

This Arkansas -CIA connection became Clinton’s darkest secret – a secret shared by then-Vice President Bush, who himself was compromised by his involvement in the Iran-Contra scandal. Their shared guilt kept them silent and tied their hands as they faced off in the 1992 Presidential election with neither mentioning Iran-Contra.

The Justice Departments of Reagan, Bush – and now Clinton – have orchestrated an ongoing cover-up of the Arkansas-CIA connection which has gone undetected for eight years with Bill Clinton its major beneficiary. Clinton’s reward for this Faustian pact? The White House.

Reed puts Clinton [and unwittingly or coincidentally, Bill Barr] directly in the “Iran-Contra loop.” Both attended a secret meeting where CIA arms arrangements, illegal Contra training and money laundering were discussed. Involved with Clinton in this cabal were Colonel Oliver North, William Barr [who later became George Bush’s attorney general)], Felix Rodriguez (Bay of Pigs veteran and George Bush’s CIA contact) and CIA contract agent Barry Seal, who used the cover of a high-profile drug trafficker to carry out his missions.

COMPROMISED reveals the details and names of all who were involved, including those faceless power brokers now in positions of public prominence in Washington, DC.

When the CIA learned Reed had more patriotism than they bargained for, forces within President Bush’s Justice Department, the CIA and the State of Arkansas decided he had to be neutralized. [Dead people don’t talk.] People close to Clinton conspired to set Reed up on false criminal charges, forcing him and his family into hiding. But Reed was acquitted, and now wages a one-man legal war to bring those who framed him to justice.

Found innocent by a court of law, Reed was then convicted by TIME Magazine which aligned itself with a Clinton campaign consumed with protecting its candidate from scandals. [Mainstream media machinations, even then.]

Why did Terry Reed, who performed intelligence services for the US Air Force, the FBI, and CIA come forward with these revelations now? To set the record straight and to clear his name.

In this book you will also learn:

  • Oliver North, like Reed, was another of the CIA’s deniable links to the covert group which was set in place by ex-CIA Director William Casey to act as the secret government behind the government.
  • When Reed discovered the CIA’s involvement in drug trafficking and tried to remove himself from the operation, he, his wife, and three small children were forced to run for their lives.
  • The “diversion” of funds revealed by Attorney General Meese in the Iran-Contra Scandal was itself a diversion – one designed to keep investigators and an unquestioning media away from a larger, still secret CIA arms and drug operation in Mexico.
  • Israeli Mossad agent Amiram Nir revealed to Reed that Israeli Intelligence believed the 1986 downing of a CIA plane over Nicaragua and the resulting exposure of Iran-Contra was a CIA attempt to embarrass Ronald Reagan from office in favor of the Agency’s ex-Director George HW Bush.
  • More than $9 million a week in cash was secretly air dropped into Arkansas, which became the CIA’s domestic “banana republic.” These clandestine funds were laundered for the Agency [at the behest and control of Bill Barr] and then used for the development of Arkansas industry.
  • CIA contract agent Barry Seal disclosed, just prior to his assassination, that he had been involved in a Republican-backed plot to “dirty up” Democratic Presidential contenders like Clinton. Instead, he dirtied up Clinton’s brother Roger and other close political associates.
  • Seal also revealed that Bush’s sons were involved in a criminal consiracy with the Medellin drug cartel in Colombia, a conspiracy that was being contained by the CIA and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration.)
  • COMPROMISED answers the question raised in ex-Secretary of State George Schultz’ book Triumph and Turmoil: Who was running the Reagan government?
  • Incredibly, neither Senator John Kerry nor Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh were interested in pursuing Reed’s information, despite corroborating evidence supplied them by federal and state investigators.

COMPROMISED reveals one of the most clandestine operations in recent U.S. history. It also offers behind-the-scenes insights into the sordid world of intelligence, where things are seldom what they seem and powerful people disguise greed and ambition behind the convenient mask of national security.

Some things never change… or do they? Will they?


By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. Omg! I read that book too, in around 1995. I was never quite sure what to make of it. At the time, I thought “oh this is just too far fetched, this can’t be true.” But I’ll never forget when I heard that Trump had named Bill Barr as AG. I thought, “Bill Barr! That can’t be the same Bill Barr I read about in Terry Reed’s book!?” Sure enough, it was. But like you, I trusted Trump’s judgment. And put it outta my mind. But now, after everything that’s come out about how the FBI lied about Hunter’s laptop- Bill Barr had to have known they were lying about it; but he said nothing! With all that we now know about the corruption in the entire intelligence community, I think Terry Reed was prob telling the truth. I might have to reread his book.

    1. Cathy,
      The book you referred to is:
      Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA

      I share your deep skepticism about Barr. But — I’m holding fire until we find out. We don’t know what has happened behind closed doors. Deals get made that one would have to be quite astute as an outsider to pick up on.

      The people I’m impressed with and listen with great interest to their theories, variable possible conclusion scenarios, AND the analyses that led them in that direction. These anons, some of whom are slowly revealing their identity openly have a pretty good handle on SOME of what’s likely taken place and certainly what is taking place now in front of our eyes. These guys are nerds, and listening to them discuss their findings is an excellent use of my time, and likely that of everyone else reading this.

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