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“Do you love a 2-out bottom of the ninth walk-off grandslam for the win or is it just me? #FightBack for a Walk-Off Homer in the Ninth” — Lin Wood

“Eric Swalwell is a risk to our national security. He should be removed from the House Intelligence Committee immediately.” – Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA)

DECLASSIFY IT ALL MR. PRESIDENT!!! Seth Rich, Uranium One, Russiagate, Ukrainian Biden Connections, JFK… Let the truth flow!!!” — Matt Couch

But how will they continue sharing data with the CCP?” – illdiscourse

Federal agencies must disconnect from hacked network by noon Monday | Just The News https://justthenews.com/government/security/federal-agencies-must-disconnect-hacked-network-noon-today

“Today, Trump electors, from the state of Michigan, were denied entry to the Michigan State Capitol after Governor Whitmer and other officials sent 200+ troops to guard the building.” — Phillip Kline

“Ben Carson – brain surgeon Rand Paul – physician Jill Stein – M.D. None commonly called “Dr.” by the media. It’s beneath me that “Doctor” Jill Biden (educational leadership mill) faux controversy is treated as news, and I resent the gas lighting.” – Cernovich

“DOMINION VOTING MACHINES IS PART OWNED BY JOE BIDEN’S BROTHER-IN LAW: This is obscene. Another bombshell censored by the totalitarian Democrat-media-cabal.” — Geller Report http://dlvr.it/RndtXK

Texas electors cast their state’s 38 Electoral Votes for President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.” – Tommy Robinson, Parler

“Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada and Arizona Republican Electors cast votes for Trump.” – Epoch Times

“Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Navada have all put forth their contested electors to vote Trump back in for four more years.” — Parler

Lord, have mercy on us. The Corruption in our nation is overwhelming. We need thy Divine Intervention. Without Thee our Republic will perish. Help us. Deliver President Trump from this evil. Be glorified, magnified and exalted. Our only Hope rests in Thee, In Jesus name, Amen.” – John Trumpfan

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