CodeMonkeyz Ron said Twitter is already removing President Trump’s tweets.

Twitter announced Wednesday evening that it is suspending President Trump’s account for twelve hours after two of his posts about the crowd that overran the Capitol violated platform guidelines.

If Trump does not delete the two tweets, the account will remain locked. 

The first post was a video urging his supporters that broke into the Capitol to retreat while simultaneously praising the mob and repeating false claims about voter fraud.

This falls right in line with what Q told us to expect. EAM = Emergency Alert Management.

Red1 is the beginning. Q posted this back in June to give us a heads up of what’s going to follow after key events such as the Twitter Removal. Make sure you have backup media platforms like Parler, Gab, Rumble, Bitchute so you can hear from the Patriots.

Next event to come: Red2 – Central Communications blackout (continental US)

RED3 tells us we can expect Classified info to be released either about or by Pelosi and Pence. OR MORE LIKELY, Pence and Pelosi WILL BE removed to undisclosed location

RED4 Military will enter the Capitol

More to come.

Note date: June 4, 2020

Note date: Nov. 02, 2017