In case you missed it – Simon Parkes

UPDATE: Tweeted by Gen. Mike Flynn – the video he tweeted has been banned, so you know it’s true. However, Simon Parkes video is still up (as of this writing).

In case you missed my earlier post about Simon Parkes’ explanation of what’s going on behind the scenes…

Simon Parkes explains what is happening.

– Trump abandoned the Capital to Antifa and the coup while at the same time sent troops to 7 crucial cities
– He allowed the runoff election in GA so that he could get the final bit of missing info which they now have.
– He now knows that Italy worked with the Vatican to use their satellites to encrypt election data and enable the manipulation of the result.
– Today Trump has been talking to Italy, a member of NATO, to bring them to heel.
– the military is totally on board with Trump.
– For the first time, when Trump gave his big speech to the multitudes he did so behind bullet proof glass.

By Radiopatriot

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