But seriously folks…


Trump knows everything; he is privy to the highest levels of classification.

No matter what happens moving forward, the left is going to try to utterly destroy and silence him.

This isn’t over by a long shot.

Question: What happens if Biden is “sworn in” as an illegitimate president and yet Q continues to post?

What if Q continues to generate headlines as a supposed “terror threat?”

Would Biden be forced to investigate?

What happens if there is still an insider that Biden can’t get rid of?

What is the public perception of this?

Would he be forced to do something?

Call a congressional inquiry?

A federal investigation?

What if Q posts something so undeniable that it forces the real question to be answered and Q has to prove everything he’s been saying by exposing it all?

This was never about one man.

It was never about R v D.

This is about transparency.

This is about that which is done in the dark being exposed to the light through an information warfare campaign that forces hard questions into the public consciousness.

We still have a lot of people in the game who know where all the bodies are buried, and they have yet to reveal their hands.

The Trump Card still hasn’t been played.

Forget having faith in Trump, or Flynn, or Q, or anybody else.

This is bigger than that.

Have faith in yourself, have faith in humanity, and most of allTRUST GOD.

God Wins.

Revelation 3:7-11

The Church of Philadelphia cannot be defeated.