It’s on.

Getting info that the Insurrection Act was signed and POTUS is already in the air heading to an undisclosed location. Folks saying Gen. Flynn might be put into the Vice President position with President Trump. The US Flag on the White House has been lowered. Not certain if it has been removed or replaced with another at the moment. I will post updates as I learn them.

MonkeywerxUS has been monitoring air traffic and saw some things he found very interesting.

Simon Parkes confirms the Act was signed and the green light given. He has many more details.

Join Telegram to be able to communicate with POTUS.

Monitor PARLER for new info as it comes in.

Things Are Going to Move Quickly Now. Stay Frosty and Get Ready for Emergency Broadcasts


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By Radiopatriot

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    1. To show that what the Military information platform known as “Q” (for the highest top secret clearance in the Energy Dept) was telling us then is coming to pass now. “Future proves past” is what “Q” wrote several times. In other words, what is being written then is now being revealed. That’s why I include the “Q” messages. Thos e so-called “old chats” have tremendous relevance as we watch events unfold.

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