The investigative team of Fanning/Jones have uncovered yet another HUGE piece of the puzzle with this whopper of an expose.

EXCLUSIVE – Proof China & Russia hacked 2020 election: IP addresses in China, Russia, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, etc.

Mary Fanning and Alan Jones have impeccable inside sources within the military brass helping Trump — I suspect those brassy epaulets are among the quiet Q team who plotted out the strategy, the “plan” to take back our country. Fanning and Jones are often featured guests on podcasts and somewhat obscure radio programs (What!!!? You mean they haven’t been on THE BLAZE??? Fox News? HANNITY? etc. etc.), which is an absolute sin because this duo is breaking ground way ahead of anyone else. They were featured tonight on the Brannon House program along with Gen. Tom McInerney (Ret) — listen here: Russian Operatives Stormed U.S. Capitol? Exclusive Screenshots from “Source” Show Election Cyberwar @

This is amazing investigative work. ALL their exposes ( and there are many) are unimpeachable, including those they’ve done on the dangerous CLUB-K missiles and the GULFTAINER operation at Port Canaveral, FL.  They’re SO ahead of the curve, and yet you’ve likely never heard of them until I told you about them.  See how the media hides this important info?

Link to report:

EXCLUSIVE: Proof China, Russia Hacked 2020 Election: IP Addresses In China, Russia, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic Hacked PA, NV, MI, GA Battleground States Raw Data Analytics Show