What the heck is going on with United, Delta, JetBlue and American airlines?

Delta’s CEO said “Business will take ‘two to three years’ to recover from coronavirus.” But this is how they’re treating their passengers? Seriously?

United Airlines kicked every single passenger off the plane for singing the National Anthem. Yet the airline’s CEO says United Airlines doesn’t expect demand for business travel to return to pre-coronavirus levels until 2024, (CEO Scott Kirby said Thursday. Demand for corporate flights should start to recover by …). doesn’t seem that these corporate chieftains are too concerned about bleeding revenue, judging by their overreaction to patriotism exhibited by their PAYING passengers.

Jet Blue removed passengers when their two-year old wouldn’t wear a mask. the airline’s regs specify a child 2 years of age or younger are not required to wear the face diaper, otherwise also known as a bacteria feedbag.