VP Mike Pence will deliver remarks to the 10th Mountain Division soldiers at Fort Drum in New York. His remarks have been scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m. on Sunday. —> SEE RED 4. “Is that a tell? A wink to us to say the operation is materializing?” — Praying Medic (Dave Hayes) on X22 Report Spotlight.


Another marker met? Red5.

It’s like having a rat discern whether to risk taking the cheese in the strange hole, with the chance of it being the last thing it ever does.

Secret service is at every corner of Washington DC.” – Patrick Byrne

10× more troops in DC than in all of Afghanistan right now.

Virginia officials reach agreement with US Secret Service to shut down VA-DC bridges Tuesday thru 6 am Thursday for Inaugural activities. https://twitter.com/tomsherwood/status/1350270908259323907




Baron Banjamin DeRothschild dies of heart attack age 57.



Marker 6 met?

JUST IN – Acting defense secretary Christopher C. Miller ordered the director of the National Security Agency to install a former GOP political operative as the NSA’s top lawyer. It is unclear what the NSA will do (WP).