“Washington DC is going to be under control not by Trump, but under control by a contingency government, run by FEMA and the US Military…. We are in an active Military coup. But its a coup to restore the republic.  Its against the fake Biden and Harris Election.  Its taken alot longer than most people would have liked, but this operation was not put together thinking about the peoples timing, of when we want arrests, and when we want things to happen.  Its out of Trumps control now, and has been for a few days.. Its now under FULL control of the US Military and FEMA authority. FEMA Admin Pete Gaynor takes over DHS as acting head, in-charge of D.C” — Dave, X22Report

The Deep State /MSM have now completed the crime, JB was inaugurated. He took a private jet to DC.

JB is now the illegitimate president of the US. The military has been monitoring the elections and they know exactly what has occurred.

11.3 is the first marker, then entire operation is going to be completed in 30 days.

All source links to the report can be found on the x22report.com site.