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Why is Washington DC still in lockdown? The Inauguration of the fraud has already taken place. Everyone gone home? No? Why not?

Why are the fencing locks on the OUTSIDE? Why is the city/state fenced in with 7-12 foot tall fences topped with concertina razor wire? Why aren’t they being removed post-inauguration?

Why are 6,000 of the 25,000+ troops still there?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Are the 6k+ troops still in DC sworn in a US Marshalls? Marshalls are the only ones that can arrest elected officials. It may not be over yet!

  2. I am told DC remains “closed” today (Jan. 21)in order for the fencing, blockades and such to be removed without having to negotiate the horrible DC traffic. The DC Mayor announced this a few days ago and informed the businesses of the two day closure (Jan. 20 and 21). I hope this is helpful.

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