Declass’d — The story behind the attack on America 9-11

This is just a few of the hundreds of pages that describe these cretins criminal involvement in bringing down the Twin Towers and Building 7. THE TRUE GREAT AWAKENING at TELEGRAM has much more… Dick Cheney, George HW Bush, John Brennan, Hillary Clinton, Condoleeza Rice, George We. Bush, George Tenet, Kevin Spacey, Peter Munk and George Soros, Barack Obama, Paul Wolfowitz, Bandar bin Sultan, Edgar Bronfman… criminals. All.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Lock these people up. I’m a retired FireFighter from Indiana. 343 of my brothers died that day and more have died since. Lock these POS up, then execute them.

  2. And yet nothing happens. Now pressure is on to get rid of the National Guard from WDC. Story goes they could not pull the trigger because of a possible dirty bomb unaccounted for…. So now it will be April. As for me I knew to turn off all news and should have followed my own advice. The 2022 election early voting starts in 18 short months. Do not fall for fake videos of Obama Arrested like American Divided Podcast spread. Turn it all off. Go out and enjoy the day.

  3. This is a battle on many fronts. Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional, Educational, Psychological, Mental, (and others I can’t think of right now).

    It’s multifaceted, multilayered, multidimensional.

    I’m just glad I’m in on all of it. It takes a strong personality with the ability to compartmentalize to lead people through this.

  4. So, has anyone done anything since these indictments were made or declassified? Why hasn’t the military stepped in and taken control of the situation, since our gutless DOJ can’t handle it? Why is there no public information on something that took over 3,000 American lives? Do these traitors remain free of any penalty?

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