A friend pointed me to the following story which was reprinted on TELEGRAM. I was grateful because my mental palate needed cleansing after reading THE TRUE GREAT AWAKENING’s overnight posts of the utterly depressing (declassified) documents about Hunter Biden, which reveal a lost and tormented soul living a hellish existence. My friend wrote, “When you look into his eyes he looks so lost and tormented. Can you imagine how badly his family treats him to push him to this level?”  Whew… indeed. Wretched and in the clutches of an unimaginable evil.

After we texted about Biden’ desperate waste of his life and talents, she sent me something aaah… more uplifting to buoy my spirits (which were near throughly depressed after reading the Hunter docs).

This a piece written in 1859 about George Washington. I suspect few of us know of the spiritual visit General Washington experienced while housed quietly in his quarters on a cold winter afternoon at Valley Forge. I think you’ll find this as uplifting and amazing as I did.