Does everyone remember Rod Rosenstein? If not, I will educate you about him and others shortly. If you think you know who he is, you might find that you are wrong. 

Every lie will be revealed. 🙏

In November of 2019 I announced to my family that I was going to semi-retire. After over 4 decades of dealing with the battles of litigation in which I fought for truth while the opposite parties tried to hide it, I was done with the game. I announced that I wanted to write. But I would honor my obligation to Nicholas Sandmann and finish his cases. 

In 2020, I won cases for Nicholas against CNN and Washington Post. I still had 6 more cases to go for him. I wanted to “take down” the mainstream media. They are liars. 

I wanted to write about my life with my dogs and how they had impacted my life and the lessons they had taught me. I wanted to write about some of my clients, including the real story still I told about Richard Jewell. I wanted to write about the art of conversations.

I wanted to start a charity to build loving facilities for unwanted dogs and horses. I wanted to build a chapel where all could worship surrounded by some of God’s most beautiful land. I wanted to spend some time reflecting on the land around me and my faith in God. 

Then things changed. My semi- retirement plans vanished. How did 2020 go for me? I will discuss that with you this evening. I will tell you the truth. I speak truth. I do not lie.

By mid-summer of 2020, I saw increasing street violence, increasing censorship, and a mentally incompetent candidate running against President Trump. It [had] all the makings of a color revolution to overthrow our duly elected government. I spoke out about it on Twitter. Subsequent events have proven me correct.

In November, I witnessed an attempt to steal our Presidential election and many down ballot races. I spoke out. I have seen the mountain of evidence conclusively establishing the fraud and illegality of the 2020 election. I spoke out [about] it on social media.

I filed 2 lawsuits on Georgia on my own based on well-established rules of law. I helped Sidney Powell with other case she was filing on election fraud. I saw wrongs and I tried to right them. I know a dishonest election threatens our freedom. I felt an obligation to my fellow Americans and my children and grandchildren to try my best to make certain we did not lose the fresh air of liberty. So I acted. Within the law.

I was presented with information that could lead to exposure of tapes of acts of pedophilia. All related to Jeffrey Epstein and high ranking members of our government and many others. I placed my life, the lives of my family, and some trusted colleagues at great risk. But I could not stand in the shadows and allow children to continue be abused and trafficked. I was willing to help. I did.

Then my efforts led to the discovery of a credible whistleblower who was willing to put his life at risk to get the truth to you about perversion and criminality in hopes the People would demand a full investigation and justice. He agreed that I could publicly release the tapes of his interview. In so going, he again put his life at risk which had been threatened many times and after he had been brutally tortured by members of our government.

I was banned from Twitter for speaking the truth. I was banned from Parler for speaking the truth. I was banned from LinkedIn for speaking the truth. Censorship is rampant. I have done my best to inform you of credible information and to share my faith in God with you. I do not intend to stop.

For my clients, I have fought against the angry mob of false accusers and their threats for decades. Now the mob turned on me. Soon the mob will turn on you.

My alma mater Mercer Law School turned on me. I have suffered politically motivated attacks on my law license and my previously pristine record of professionalism. I have been threatened by others to take efforts to have me jailed and prosecuted for a rhetorical hyperbolic post about Mike Pence. No client had abandoned me but I expect Nicholas Sandmann may do so as he be feeling the pressure from members of Mitch McConnell’s team on which Nicholas worked this election cycle. I have had serious threats of harm and death made against me and my family. My family has abandoned me. But I am not alone. I have We The People who have showered me with messages which inspire me and comfort me. In the end, my efforts have always been for We The People. Until and unless they silence me by imprisonments or death, I will not stop fighting for We The People, for honest elections, for freedom, and for the hundreds of thousands of little children who are being abused, molested, and sacrificed for the demonic pleasures of very evil people in the world – including leaders in our government.

My life has been threatened, my finances diminished, my sacred honor smeared. Would I do it all again or would I semi-retire to write? I would do it all again without hesitation. I love freedom, I live [sic] honest elections, I love the little children, including my soon to be two year old grandson who I have not allowed to see in almost one year.

Why did I do it? Am I crazy? No I am not. Do I want something from President Trump? No I do not. Do I want any recognition in life or death for my efforts. No I do not. 

I did it for my God. I did it as part of my desire to see a better humanity. I did it for you. I did it for truth. 

I will keep speaking truth. Please join me in doing so. I am fearless. Please be fearless too. I will keep the faith and continue sharing mine with you. Please keep the faith too. 

I know in time all will be well. 

Thanks for listening.

God bless you. And God bless America. – Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸


Nov 5 2017 23:34:15 (EST)