Ever read them? Ever even heard of them? What we weren’t taught in school is lost forever, unless…

The Federalist Papers were a series of 85 essays written by three of our founders – John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison — under the pseudonym “Publius.” They were written to encourage ratification of the new United States Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation.

The Federalist Papers are “the most important work in political science that has ever been written, or is likely to ever be written in the United States.” Their impact on American life is incalculable.

Why should we be reading them? Well, I’ll let Charles R. Kesler tell you:


The authors and supporters of the Constitution of 1787 foresaw that a clear-cut vote against it in the state ratifying conventions would destroy the United States’ most important experiment in popular government.

A particular point of concern was the growing state of New York, whose governor George Clinton, was a formidable opponent of the proposed charter.

Alexander Hamilton, in an energetic effort to win over his home state, began a series of essays explaining and defending the Constitution. These were published in New York City newspapers under the pseudonym Publius. Hamilton was aided by contributions from two advocates of a new and energetic national government, James Madison and John Jay.

The efforts of these three men result in The Federalist Papers – an authoritative analysis of the young nation’s Constitution and an enduring classic of political philosophy.


Scott Kesterson, host of BardsFM podcasts, is going through each of them, one at a time, explaining the background of each argument made for and against forming our country.

I own two editions of The Federalist Papers – the best I’ve found (see photo below). As Kesterson has indicated, it is time – now more than ever – for us to understand what our ancestor patriots are still telling us in their wise and clear voices.


If you still don’t think it is important to understand what our founders were thinking, read this:

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