Do you trust the US Military?

That’s the fundamental question. 

The institution which the vast majority of Americans, and the free world for that matter, trust is the US Military. 

President Trump stepped aside for a short time to let the military run the show. 

The go decision, when it comes, will be made by our trusted Generals and not by President Trump or his cabinet.  

Remember that good patriots in the highest levels of the US Military began making a plan to defeat the globalists 60 years ago after President Kennedy’s assassination. 

These leaders asked President Trump to run for President to help them remove the globalists’ stranglehold on the US. The plan was in place before President Trump.  

President Trump became a vital part of the plan and he performed the first part of his mission in an excellent manner. 

This part of the mission belongs to the Military.  They are up for the task. They control the exact timing. If you doubt this, just watch the faces of Hussein, George and Bill during the illegitimate inauguration of Biden.  They know they don’t have the power. The Military has the power. 

As difficult as it is, we must remain patient and upbeat. We’ve put our trust in the Military to preserve our security and freedom our entire life.  

Let’s give them the confidence they deserve and let them do what they are good at…taking out evil regimes and preserving freedom and all that is good in this world. 

Pray for them. 🇺🇸