Someone observed that if you want to know what the televised news really is, watch the commercials. That’s more true today than ever. Who is paying the BIG ad $$$ to pay those exorbitant salaries on Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc? Pharmaceutical companies.

There’s your answer. THAT’s who is driving the prescribed narrative. For a newsroom to ignore that and report anything otherwise would be to bite the hand that feeds them, wouldn’t it?

Excerpt from “Central View,” by William Hamilton, J.D., Ph.D

“Turning to the Fox News Channel, we should have known something was amiss when Fox banned Mike Lindell’s advertisements for Lindell’s autobiography “What Are The Odds?” because the advertisements were “too religious.” My word, banning one of America’s most inspiring  Horatio Alger stories seems downright un-American. 

Sometime after former House Speaker and notable RINO, Paul Ryan, joined the governing board of Fox News, one of Tucker Carlson’s writers was fired. Coincidence? Maybe.

Apparently, Rupert Murdock’s son, Lachlan, and all the Murdock daughters-in-law are more interested in being invited to the best cocktail parties than providing Americans with news stories that are more accurate than the fake news from most of the MSM. 

On election night, Fox News coverage was an unmitigated disaster. But we should not blame the on-air, talking heads too much. The producers and writers we do not see exercise almost total control over what comes through the ultra-white teeth of the on-air personalities. 

Meanwhile, conservative super stars such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham seem to still have editorial control over what they cable-cast.

But until Fox News sheds Chris Wallace and Neil Cavuto former Fox fans will probably continue to flee to NewsmaxTV and to That is what happens in a free market place of ideas. That is unless Big Tech slams down its big foot and crushes the First Amendment.©2021. William Hamilton.