Posted by Lin Wood at TELEGRAM (“Wow. Has anyone besides me seen a copy of the letter below purporting to describe the death of Seth Rich???“) forwarding a message from “Jordan,” a hidden account that was posted on Jan. 26, 2021.

Note the date of this letter:

Lin Wood himself added the following post and videos:

“I am attacked by my adversary for making unfounded accusations against high government officials (such as Rod Rosenstein, John Roberts & Mike Pence). I know defamation law. I would never make an accusation against another person unless I had credible evidence to support it. 

Why does my adversary attack my accusations without ever sharing with you the interview of the whistleblower which is the basis for my statements?

Fair question, don’t you think? 

Below is a portion of the interview of the whistleblower dealing with Rod Rosenstein and the death of Seth Rich.”