Truth by Basyra (TELEGRAM) [edited]

A few months ago followers were telling me “nobody is ever going to wake up, because they’ll have to see it on CNN.

“Now people ARE seeing a TONS of info about Q on CNN and all over the news, but many can’t see how this IS that. This is exposure, this is the wake up. You have to think about the big picture. All some people wanted a few months ago was for people to wake up, now it’s happening and they want something else.

All of the events are not going to happen all at once in one day, it’s happening step by step. Why do people have such a short memory? Waking up is always a result of a compilation of information from different sources. I didn’t believe in most of this the first time I heard about it. I thought it was far fetched and crazy, but the more info I saw about it, the facts just kept on adding up until I reached that threshold where it was undeniable. That’s how waking up works. The general population is now being exposed to all of this at an extremely high and increasing rate = wake up on a MASSIVE scale. 

Also, most woke people are not keeping track of the progress when general pop is waking up. You think people are not woke because they don’t know as much as you but our society has made MINDBLOWING PROGRESS! Most people woke up to voter fraud, most people woke up to the republicans also working for the deep state, many people woke up to the stock market being rigged, to deep state censorship… most people don’t trust the news anymore.

This is not just the people who follow Q,  this is the GENERAL population!!!! This is a huge deal! And for people who say that Q didn’t keep to their predictions, the MAIN Q prediction is The Great Awakening, which is happening IN FRONT OF OUR EYES!🔥🔥‼️‼️‼️