LIKE JOB OF THE Old Testament, Lin Wood IS BESET WITH TRAVAILS that would bring a man of lesser faith to his knees. For an honest man tempts the wicked, the demon Satan to taunt and torment. Pray for Lin.

Lin Wood WRITES:

“The storm is drawing closer for America. I know. I am in the middle of its approach right now, being attacked by many and abandoned by quite a few “friends.”

Soon we will all be in the storm.

I do not ask God “why my or why am I being subjected to this level of persecution? He tells us that when he prepared the plan for our lives, He knew things of which we will never know (i have to be honest and admit I am hoping He will explain it to me in Heaven!)

Rather than ask God “why?” I ask Him “what do you want me to do with these events in my life?”

I know the answer. Keep reading.

I am being threatened in an effort to suppress my speech. The enemy distorts, embellishes, and even falsities my words in an effort to get others to attack me for the enemy’s deceitful versions of my words. The enemy hates TRUTH and really hates messages that share God’s Word to others. 

What will I do? 

I will keep speaking TRUTH. I will keep sharing messages of love, hope and faith. I will not allow the enemy to suppress my right of free speech.

I am also being threatened in an effort to control me. To not only control my speech but to control how, when, and what I can do to convey TRUTH. 

I am faced with slander and unlawful defamation of my reputation and character, frivolous lawsuits, unlawful attempts to strip me of my law license, a demand that I undergo a mental health examination that is not justified under the law or facts, efforts to expel me from a lawyers’ social club, etc., etc., etc. The list is long and will likely grow. The enemy does not admit defeat easily.

What will I do? 

I will keep speaking fighting back with TRUTH and righteousness. While I would certainly prefer to simply surrender and return to a peaceful life with my real friends, the land, my puppies, and the other joys surrounding me, I must be true to my principles and be led away from them by my preferences.

I will not be intimidated. I am fearless. I will prevail because truth overcomes lies and the enemy lost the battle before it began because the enemy is a liar.

My time and resources are not limitless so I will choose my battles carefully. I could care less about a social club or what some agenda-driven, anonymous person or AI bot says about me on Twitter or other social media.

But trust me and send this message far and wide, when I choose to fight a battle, I will wage war fiercely. Ask my opponents over the course of my 43-year practice of law. I aggressively pursue truth to achieve justice. Win or lose, I will give it my very best efforts. That is all I can do. I can never do less.

I am allowed to ask myself “why are you doing this?” 

I am doing it for my children and my grandchildren. And their children and grandchildren  .

I am doing it for you. 

You see, today the enemy is coming after me. Soon, the enemy will be coming after you. In time, the enemy will be coming after ALL who love TRUTH and ALL who love to breathe the fresh air of LIBERTY. 

I am trying my imperfect best to be a good role model for others. You get to choose whether I am a good role model to follow. I only pray that you choose wisely. 

This is a battle of freedom v. tyranny. This is a battle of good v. evil. This is a battle of life v. death.

I hope you will join me in the battle. Speak TRUTH. Be fearless. Stay strong in your faith through prayer. 

God bless you. – Lin ❤️🙏🇺🇸

Wow. I said the list of attacks against me would continue to grow. I was right again.

WSB in Atlanta just informed me by email that Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has opened an investigation of me on whether I was a resident of Georgia in November of 2020 when I voted in person for President Trump. 

Guess Brad does not read my Telegram posts. I only yesterday announced my change of residency to South Carolina EFFECTIVE yesterday, February 1!

Until yesterday, I have been a resident of Georgia since 1955. Ha! The enemy’s attacks are getting weaker and weaker. The enemy is a loser. Brad is a loser. Brad is going to jail.”